[Clan] Valheru Ascendants is recruiting!

Valheru Ascendants, a clan associated guild, is looking for those who want to be part of our family.

We have a 300-ql city in Serenity Islands, an active player base, we do occasionally join in Notum wars and often have one or more lower tower sites. We are a mostly pvm, org with just a few pvp’ers, (maybe some PvP’er dreamers). We are a respectable group players experienced in Xan, Pande, APF, LE and Battle Stations, PoH, with a little community action thrown as well…especially at Halloween having been known for our parties.

We are a stand-alone org, as well as part of an Alliance with 19 other orgs. All are full of good people who play All-level toons and enjoy chatting using our alliance relay! We try to treat each other with respect and understand, and expect everyone to get involved to some degree, even if it’s just in chat!

We are a decent, mature and good standing org within the clan community and we guard that reputation carefully.

Normally, we do have a 2-week applicant period that allows us to see your play style and lets you decide if we are the org for you! During those 2 weeks you have all the benefits of a member excluding voting and City Raids. After that 2-week period is up, we do promote regularly up to and included SQ as needed or requested.

Please see one of our members for more information on how to join Valheru Ascendants

Or Msg any of the following officers with questions.



Still actively recruiting!

Currently recruiting