[Clan] aTrox Caelestis - recruitment is open



About us

  • aTrox Caelestis was created in february 2005.
  • We have been around for 13 years.
  • Our members are mostly european based but we still have members from other timezones.
  • We are quite experienced and while we are mostly a PvM org, we do take part in tower wars and such…
  • Our members are helpful and friendly, infact I dare say you wont find a friendlier bunch.


  • Org chat remains family friendly as members can be of various ages. Abuse, insult, swearing, etc. is NOT a acceptable behaviour.
  • Be civil and polite in your dealings with your org and your community
  • Begging for items or credits wont get you anywhere and we dont accept it

Application process

Visit our forums and read through the information contained here.
Once you have read through it and think you can live by them, then register and post your application.
Once that is complete, a recruitment officer will be in contact with you to have a quick chat ingame.
If all goes well… you may have just found yourself a new home!

We are also a proud part of The Alliance, a group of several respected and strong organizations, sharing a bot network and raiding together.


Thumb up for good friends and allies of Athen Paladins :slight_smile:

MP 220, AL 30, Research 70, active, Born on Rimor
In AO since 2001
Founder and elected President of Athen Paladins


Alliance Raids May 21 - May 27

18:30 GMT = 2:30 PM EST
19:30 GMT = 3:30 PM EST
20:30 GMT = 4:30 PM EST

Monday 21:

  • 19:30 GMT No schedule, open to initiative

Tuesday 22:

  • 19:30 GMT iPande runs

Wednesday 23:

  • 19:30 GMT 12man runs

Thursday 24:

  • 19:30 GMT APFs 35 28 13

Friday 25:

  • 19:30 GMT Inferno key quest
  • 20:00 GMT Time-frame for DB instances 1&2 TEAMS (form your teams)

Saturday 26:

  • 19:30 GMT Crazy Raids Day (iPande + Biodome + 2APFs)

Sunday 27:

  • 18:30 GMT Sector 42 Please be there on time
  • 20:30 GMT Time-frame for Collector teams (form your teams)