[Recruitment] Storm Crusaders

Recruiting Open Again! Hi, I am here to inform you Storm Crusaders is now open recruitment again! We are an omni organization based off of People “Riding the storm” aka reaching their dreams in AO! I have taken back the ownership of the org and I am going to be actively recruiting in game! We offer a lot for those of Omni-tek! :slight_smile:
What We Offer

  • Active members
  • QL 300 Large city with all benefits
  • Activity in PvM and PvP!
  • Drama Free Chat!
  • Twinking Help/advice
  • Nice and helpful members and leadership!
  • Knowledge of game in all aspects!

If you need a home, Or just somewhere to talk. Storm Crusaders is for you! We take Froob And paid , We also take Vets and new players!

Leave a reply here or Message one of our recruiters in game!

Names: Theevildoc Mangotwinkz Tweekuz3 Boly Zexocrat

Don’t be afraid to check us out and join if you want! Lets keep AO going! :slight_smile: I wish you good times in AO!

Evil Pres of Storm Crusaders

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I just logged in again for the first time in 7 years. Right now, I suppose my “main” is Kellianna, a level 62 Adventurer. I also have a level 45 Atrox… something. I’d very much like to join!

I’ll log in and try to message those names.

Bump up!