Do you want to be a Cool Guy? Cannot decide which Organization?
Do you have all expansions and want an active Organization?

Here is some information about our Organization:

We offer
*A large org city.
*24/7 Org/Raid bot.
*Leveling support if we are not busy ingame/IRL.
*Insane money farming.
*Twinking items/knowledge.
*No taxes.

  • Rules to Join/Apply to our Organization
    *Have atleast 1 TL7 Char twink.
    *do not have Clan alts.
    *Join the Organization on all characters.
    *Interested in towers.

To apply
President /tell Docci
Advisor /tell Hozpital
Advisor /tell Artyomis

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Pls can i be a c00l guy?

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