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Hey all, any good roleplaying communities centered around this game on the web? Any decently populated guilds? Last time I was here on this game, the roleplay seemed to be dwindling a bit, but thought I’d check the pulse here to see if there’s anything going on.

I’ve googled at least one forum around the web, but it doesn’t allow people to post without approval, which seems to take some time, or maybe you have to be a part of their guild.

I’ve always liked the aesthetics of the lore of Conan, and wished I could roleplay/write for characters in that world.

Once Saga is over and we are back on Crom look for Horde of Chaos by Crevyn. It is a new RP optional guild trying to get started. They need members and recruiters.


Might be of use to you


I forgot to mention that there are a couple of guilds that are RP guilds, or on the least RP friendly. House Merano and House Jade Asp are probably the largest of them. House Merano revolves an Aquilonian noble house, and Jade Asp is stygian (basically Empire of Stygia redux). Other RP/rp friendly guilds that I can think of atm are The Amazons (female themed, mostly inactive but have a few who log in every once in a while, Fallen Angels of Derketo (similar to Amazons and mostly inactive these days but a few who still play on a regular basis), Horde of Chaos, as @Jarafin mentioned, Serpent’s Ascendant (Not sure on their activity state atm)… There used to be a couple smaller ones that were northern themed but they since either went inactive or merged … I’m not sure if the German, French, and Russian communities have any active guilds still, but I could be wrong.

Oh. And there’s also Red Lotus. Almost forgot abut them. And Hyboria in Flames-- but I think that one has mostly moved over to Conan Exiles.

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Let me add yet another alternative:

The Watchtower of Kastria

Pay us a visit!

Hello! Please feel free to come visit us at Conan Exiles RP

We launched while the game was still in production and have been the place for the roleplaying community of Conan Exiles ever since. While there is discussion, stories, art etc., at the site what it’s best for is helping players find private RP servers and for server owners to showcase their servers. There’s literally something for everyone with over 2k users and a robust server ad listing that gives you the information you need as a player to find the kind of community you are looking for.

The RP community here at Age of Conan is very small, nearly non existent. I guess inside what few RP guilds left, there might be a few rpers. Hopefully, soon I will try to put an rp meet and greet together, I have been planning one.