Age of Conan Roleplay


Hey, was wondering if anyone still RPed in this game, if there are RP guilds or RP in general, it would seem I am missing it.


There’s House Jade Asp, House Merano that are rp guilds. Then some smaller ones like Serpents Ascendant, The Amazons, Too Hot Too Handle, and Fallen Angels of Derketo. Dunno how active they are though and the smaller ones take in non rpers too.

Oh. There’s also The Crimson Veil and Red Lotus. Dunno about how active either are though. is largely where you’ll find the most of the active rpers.


HJA accepts non-rpers too, but I wouldn’t recommend joining them unless you don’t want to do raids and dungeons in-guild.


If you dont find a guild you want to stick with by the end of Saga event, shoot me a PM.

You would need to be willing to be in a new AoC guild just starting out (but old guild that moves between games) and not doing a goofy mad dash to a T3 city and 20 renown as well as take part in the guild RP “story” in some way. Currently the RP guild stands at 31 people from previous games, chances are high it will top 45-50 before the end of Saga. It is being propped up by a 43 member PvE guild that should be higher by end of Saga also. We have 2 cities already reserved in the same instance on Crom.


And the newest addition to the AoC RP scene:

The Watchtower of Kastria


I like RP’ing but im stuck on fury :frowning:


Where were you for Saga Server? All those characters ended up on Crom.


Saga servers are the death null of AoC .


A question on RP…why only serpents head inn for roleplay? Are there other areas for open rping? And if not, is there interest? Realizing it’s a small base, but maybe we could do a meet and greet in OT or somewhere else for all interested whether in an rp guild or not. Let’s build the community :grinning:


It’s not so much that the Serpents Head inn is the ONLY place for RP, it’s just that most games have 1 or 2 spots for open RP that everyone knows about; like in LotRO it’s the Prancing Pony in Bree. This just makes it easier for those that go looking for others to RP with have a good chance at finding someone.

The various guilds RP throughout the game and I’ve seen it in Tortage, the shrine by the water outside the SHI etc… Scheduled or planned RP could be anywhere, it’s just that they needed a place where you could go and hope to find some, instead of wandering all over.

If you google AoC Roleplaying you should find the main RP site for AoC. I know in the past they’ve done horse racing at the OT track.


I’ve been following some recent RP in Exiles ~ some are really really good. Don’t you think a more “sand-box” game with the AoC paint-job would lend a better canvas ?

I can recommend a couple great RP twitch streamers. Send a PM.