Any Rp going on still?

I used to play on the RP PVP server way back in the day when this game was rather new, had some breaks and comes back to it every once in a while. Was thinking of having another go at it. I got 2 lvl 80 and a 40 I think on Fury and some lower lvls on the PVE server, but I probably delete all under lvl 40 as I can’t connect to them. ( I forgot who they are).

But is there any Rp going on and any RP guilds still around on any of the 2 servers? I prefer Stygians, but I’m open to try other races too.

Edit: totally unrelated, but what is saga servers and is there any now?

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There is a group of RPers and we are connected on a discord server.

Saga servers where special time-limited servers that happened in 2018. They are not active anymore and there most likely wont any new ones in the foreseeable future.