Is there still an RP going on here?

I had great fun in AoC back in the days on our RP servers. Is it still there. I know they merged the RP servers with the regular servers, are there still 2 servers or just one now? I had 2 lvl 80 and a lvl 40 on fury, otherwise just low lvl chars on the other server. I’ll pick whatever server that seems to have the best change for a decent amount of RP though.

Any guild to contact or places to go? I prefer Stygians, but if there are no decent RPing Stygians themed guild I’m open for other races too.

Edit: After the immense ganking= certain death everytime you went outside of a city when I returned 1,5 year ago, I’m defintaly not apposed to rolling new on a PVE server, if I have enough fun, possibly even transferring 1 or 2 of my lvl 80ties.

My experience is the rp that happens is in Serpents Head Inn in Khemi. I have been in House Merano and Empire of Stygia, and even tried starting my own Rp guild. None of the above worked. Either the rp was done by people that have been together for years and were not to helpful to a newbie or the the Rp was just plain bad, using modern expressions or just plain no rp at all. I hope you find some good, causal not erp role play. If you do please let me know :grinning:

There are only two servers these days: Crom (PVE) and Fury (PVP).
To have any chance of finding RP you will have to play on Crom.

Unfortunately the number of roleplayers have dropped significantly over the last few years.
There are still some around, but finding a good guild that is still active will take some looking.

Someone was saying on chat yesterday that House Merano has folded as had the all-female RP group that was around.

Here’s the AoC RP site. Doesn’t seem to be getting as much traffic as back in the day, but you might be able to make some connections there:

Saw it was 2 months since the last post there so not much left. Maybee if we can gather all rpers in 1 or 2 guilds it can work. I also know a place with loads of RPers that is still waiting for their game to reach Alpha 1 in 6 months or so. Maybee i can lure someone over for a while atleast. There was so much fun back then we had events almost every week and loads of little RP going on everywhere. But 5 active people in each guild wont work. We need some promotien on other places than in Age of Conan. Bringing in new players. With f2p it should be possible to atleast get people to try it out. Would love to get something going again.

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I’m game if we could form a good casual rp guild, I have an alt I have reserved for rp, just looking for a good home. A note for me, not looking for an overly strict interpretation of class and race, but to play your character against the backdrop of the game, and of course REH. Not looking for erp, but not against those that do. A merge of those that want good rp would be :+1:

Well, We are sort of lowkey trying to awaken an RP guild, As Bubbles said.
I am sort of a Stygian REH Purist (with aid from the Mongoose RPG books in some aspects) so EoS wasn’t for me, they dun really care much for the lore :joy: , they cause a ruckus and stand out a lot but I think it’s mostly negative publicity. as for Merano yes, they folded worse than a house of cards, I am unaware of RP guilds atm, I see casuals maybe, some ERPers in SHI…and some one-offs, so it is there, it is just a bit scarce and un-centralized

I would be interested, but I would ask even with allowing other races in, how that would work in terms of a dominate race based guild. For example, my RP character now is a Cimmerian Barbarian who would probably have problems with Stygian Hierarchy.

I am not a huge purist on lore or race restrictions (one RP character I ran for awhile was a Halfbreed with a Stygian mother and Cimmerian father, who raised her in Conall’s Valley. Someone, I don’t remember now who, chided me for such a digression of lore)

The point is, I am not sure how a guild would be able to accept everyone- unless, the entire guild perhaps were outcasts or renegades from their own lands. Or that they did not subscribe to the prejudices of their people. If they do, then they have the ability to set them aside at least tacitly.

Kudos to Bubbles and all, lets hope we can get something rolling!

Bringers of Fire is RP friendly and have a Lovecraftian-esque theme but it’s a loose theme and to my knowledge they do not require people to be strict with lore and such . They also do PvE and do teaching runs of places like Wyrm, Vile, KK loops, etc. However most of the RPers (part time and full time) aren’t on much due to real life things. The guild leader is only a part time player these days and only RPs on one toon. Then One guy in there that I used to RP heavily with is working two full time jobs and can only log in once a month or so. But they could be an option even if it’s only part time or RP friendly.

There is also Too Hot Too Handle which isnt an RP guild persay but has some people who RP, or ERP. Same with Fallen Angels of Derketo, but FAOD is a female toon themed guild and if you have any male toons they would be allowed to be in there, but most likely kept at rank one and referred to as slaves ICly.

Empire of Stygia is around still but its been my experience that the RP they do is minimal with only a few members interested in it. I’m sad to see House Merano folded but it’s not surprising. And the aocrp website isn’t active anymore because the owner of the site no longer plays Age of Conan and has 0 intention of ever returning. I do know there is The Gathering (rp) but I don’t know how active they are. I do know they have a couple players who play fairly regularly though.

My personal thoughts is that while the number of RPers on the game is fairly low, the idea of one or two large super RP guilds doesnt work in the long term. You saw this with House Merano and EoS/HJA and both monopolized the RP community and anyone that wasnt in those guilds were, from my own personal experience, not treated well by members of either guild. And with both guilds, there was some amount of freedom for your personal character’s backstory but you had to conform, at least a tiny bit, as well as be able to tolerate the many shortcomings of either guild to generally be accepted.

I could go on but I remember there being small but active RP guilds before Merano popped up and then they swallowed up these guilds with the promise of activity and creative freedom, and were basically duped. And it was the same thing with EoS/HJA.

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Guys I’m not sure how you can say this…we hosted several funcom sponsored rp events on saga blood just last month!

They stickied the events to the forums! STICKIED!!!

RP is alive and well. I rp daily. It’s not the same but we are all still around.

All we need is an rp night and people to show up.

We are still progressing the phallus quest and have recovered 2 more of the artifacts of amun ra recently.

Both rp events were heavily attended 30 or so people.


Well spoken. Cheers! :beers:

Our guild launched last year, but since the RP community in AoC has been dwindling, we are currently in maintenance mode.

This, however, can and should change. AoC has much to offer still, in terms of RP. And if a serious roleplay community were to gather again, everyone would benefit. The game itself would.

Our home:


Your guild name sounds familiar. Were you guys that guild that was active last year and spammed that “ROGUES IN THE HOUSE” banner, but never went to any of the RP hubs to actually RP?? And talked about hosting RP events on the community RP website, but never did, and also turned down the chance to partake in the community rp website by declining the offer to have a subforum made for your guild?

If this is the guild I am remembering, then it’s really no big loss that you guys are in maintenance mode since it didn’t feel like you wanted to be an active part of the RP community, anyway. Say what you will about HM and EoS/HJA but they at least kept promises of RP events that were open to the public. Edited to add this bit However if your guild were to become active again and you guys were to actually participate in the RP community (rather than try to be in charge of it and have some form of martyrdom syndrome with it like previous guilds have claimed/tried to do) I would look forward to seeing if you did any public RP events.

the easiest answer would be to hire mercenaries and so, considering Stygian Hierarchy and all that Jazz, Lorewise Stygia’s army is kinda ancient and underused, since they stopped caring about military conquest since Shem went independent, so if someone would, say, want to use foreigners, provided they get them permits to come and go as they please as part of some force in their service it would work, that’d be the model we would follow.

Now I’m wondering if Our characters ever met in-game :thinking:

Your view of us seems a bit skewed. Let me clarify some points to you, even if not necessary:

. We have many banners, including the “Rogues in the House” one. But it was never “spammed” on global. There is a difference between advertising and spamming. You should be mindful of wording, Amelias.

. Declining to have a subforum in the AoCRP site means only that we prefered to have our own home, as most guilds do, and also to avoid the guild absorption problem you speak of. Nevertheless, we did participate and post in the community RP site and upheld a policy of respect towards other guilds and their leaders, from HM to FAoD to HJA.
(For reference:

. We were in the process of launching our RP events (and more) when one of our most trusted officers (last seen in the guild you yourself announced) nearly managed to dismantle the guild and shutdown our efforts. Unfortunate, but it happens. A lesson learned.

. We never claimed ownership of the RP scene nor martyrdom syndrome towards it. Quite the opposite, as stated in our website’s intro.

That said, here’s to a revival of the RP community and AoC itself. We all know how badly that is needed.

Don’t know if you’ve encountered him but I RP occasionally with a gent named Batkalim and a Khitain merchant, and I have in the past been in Sahada Berjara, as well as EOS and HM, but am now guildless on RP toons; I occasionally raid with NW though.

I know of Batkalim, and I assume you mean Jiahuo…my toon has the same name as my “handler” (if that’s the word) so maybe throw me a tell next time you’re in-game, that would be lovely.

As it’s evident by now who’s the person behind your username and the motive behind your attack, and as i don’t wish this thread to derail into something other than the topic at hand, i’ll just state the obvious and end my conversation with you here, as it should be. Even if you’re not that person, this reply is still valid.

. Your accusations are false, from the spamming to the leveling (which, by the way, means nothing in terms of RP and, generally, is no business of yours)

. Your (continued) attempts to discredit our guild only expose you for what you are, veteran or not. If you want to compare behaviours for the community to see, then i suggest we start with this thread.

. In accordance to social guidelines, your post has been reported. Have a good day.

I wish success to Bringers of Fire, and hope they too can help revitalize the RP ingame.

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Sounds good :+1: