RPG on AoC, a sweet dream?

Hi everyone,

After a long time no playing on our favourite game, I’d like to ask if there was any RP still possible in game or if that time was way back us.

Looking forward to reading you soon and maybe encounter the RP community I’ve been missing =D

There’s still RP and RPers around, albiet it’s a definate smaller niche these days.

The largest two RP RP-Friendly guilds are Empire of Stygia/House Jade Asp and House Merano

There are some smaller rp friendly/rp guilds-- Fallen Angels of Derketo (female themed), Cenomani (Cimmerian themed), Watchtower of Kastria (Aquilonian themed but takes everyone), Too Hot Too Handle, Barbaric Warriors (They have at least one person who RPs), Kingdom of the Most High, Serpent’s Ascendant (Dont know their activity state), Hyboria in Flames (Dont know their activity state either), Blood of Acheron, and Crimson Veil (Dunno their activity state either)

If you google AoC RP you should find the link to the main RP website for House Jade/Merano so you can connect with them and see their schedule.


This is the link for the AoC RP Community forums, howerver the person who made and runs the site plays Conan Exiles these days.

It’s also not that active these days but it is NOT a reflection of the RP community which has been fairly stable over the last year. Perhaps someone will create a new one if Tavio decides he is fully done with Age of Conan.