Roleplay Reborn in AoC

So I am going to get right too the point.

From where I stand as someone new to Age of Conan, it looks like the Roleplay community is in the shadows. The community Roleplay site is all but defunct and there is no word on discord for the overall organization of things and to facilitate further communication.

Now I could be very wrong on this, and I am okay with being wrong.

So why this rambling?

Age of Conan Roleplay Reborn

I started rebuilding a community site, I’ve set up a community discord. I would like to invite all the Roleplayers of AoC to join me in rebuilding things. I understand if some guilds that are around don’t desire to take part, but as a community, we thrive when we work together.

I have no history in this game or with this community. So I am a fresh face to it all, and I hope to bring more like me back to AoC (I played after launched but stopped). I know not having a strong united RP community is what delayed my return and I wonder how many more like me might be out there.

Lets step up and breath further life into the Roleplay community.


I wish you the best of luck! There seems some interest in RP and I think it’s correct that most keep it among themselves. I definitely would like to see more open participation.

I would suggest a meet and greet at a certain day/time and location. Wanted to do it myself but time constraints have been interfering for me.

I will add it doesn’t have to be only a guild as a whole, some people like me belong to guilds that don’t RP, but fine for anyone that wants to. Discord is not an option for many (don’t really see how RP would work using voice) but those that do, it is fine.
Again good luck and look forward to further updates and info.

I fully understand what you are saying. Though a tad confused about a few things. This isn’t a guild, but community site. Guilds can join, individuals who are in non-RP guilds. As for discord, I’ve turned off the voice on it. It is mainly for chat. You can do RP in there via text like the old iirc days or MUD. It is just another medium to further unite the community.

All MMOs have a small RP community. It is just a matter of people being willing to come together. Don’t have to leave guilds or anything like that. Just interact and grow and foster things further.

That is all I am trying to do, but I am glad to have at least someone wish me luck on this quest so far :slight_smile:

i joined. can you link in this site too for background?

Looking forward to it.

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I would be more than happy to link the old community site. Working on that now.

Joined and posted our guild’s info there. Looking forward to seeing this site to grow.

Thank you for making this.

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Thank you! I’m always working on adding stuff to the site and forums to fill things up more. Just glad some are helping beef it up.

If you need any help with it, you only need to ask :smiley:

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I applaud and encourage your efforts.
Although somewhat absent from Hyboria nowadays, i will join the website and help any way i can.

May this whisper turn into thunder.

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I thank you for your support. An just because you or others might be away from part of Hyboria, doesn’t mean you have to completely be gone. Even if you are no longer actively playing the game for the moment, everyone should feel welcome and free to join the site or join the discord.