State of game? I am downloading it atm

Going to log on my hox after 6 years. Whats the state of the game?

Hey dude.long time!

You can check the current state of the game by visiting www.Spreadicus.Live

There you’ll find many of my videos on demand depicting various scenes of aggressive PVP and global smacktalk as well as my live stream which I’ll be going live here shortly.

I can tell you that Fury is a ghost town during North American prime time hours aside from the PVP app which I will explain below.

Crom is the more populated server with minis popping regularly.

There is a third-party mod that we use on fury now to do organized world PVP. It’s basically mini games in World zones. and with the advent of the daily PVP quests these games can also reward you with the tokens you need to buy more gear if that’s what you’re after

Visit for details on that.

Welcome back dude Good to see you again.


P.s. tyranny is now called Fury. There are only two servers remaining one for PVP one for PVE.

See you soon buddy

You fuking liar you logged in during saga you attention wh0re, welcome back baby

He also logged in after saga as well. It’s been about 6 months since he logged in.