Returning After 5-8 Years

Back after 5 years.
Have a few questions:

  1. Are there any periods of day, days of the week when there are larger number of players logged in? today only saw at most a dozen.
  2. It appears that the PVE server has more players. Is that true?
  3. Is there open world random PVP. 5-8 years ago you could just randomly attack other players solo or in groups. Meaning each player had to be wary at all times of other players not just NPCs. Also, where are PVP rules listed?
  4. Notices the Conan Exiles game. What are the key differences? Building?


  1. Weekends generally. Mondays because a new raid finder starts and during the World Boss week all show up tick in numbers. Also European prime time usually has more players than during US prime time.
  2. Yes, Crom is head and shoulders in numbers over Fury.
  3. Conan Exiles is a multi-player (max 40 people per server) or solo survival game. Combat is nothing like AoC’s, more the standard mmo style and yes there’s building on it, also crafting for all the stuff you need to stay alive with.

Very much appreciate you’re detailed reply, Nebless.

It will help re: playtime hours, server etc.

I guess open world pvp, though, is over.

Thanks again.

official pvp servers definitely are not dead on xbox there is always players on each server. But thats if your up to the task of dealing with other players, if going to a pvp server I would try to make friends quickly if your alone

Welcome back!
To answer your questions.

  1. Depends on the server. Can’t speak for Crom but Fury sees a major surge in players during pvp festival week. That is the third week of every month (currently ongoing until tomorrow!). All other times, Fury sees an uptick in players during EU prime time while NA prime time can be less populated but still playable. I tell everyone this disclaimer up front: If you want to enjoy the pve experience of age of conan, you should play on Crom. you will not get the full pve experience on Fury. Fury is a pvp purist server nowadays.
  2. Yes, Crom has more player numbers but pvp is limited there. If you like open world pvp Crom will be boring.
  3. Plenty of open world pvp on Fury. Drop by.
  4. Exiles is like pubg. aoc is an mmo. apples and oranges.

if you want to see quality of pvp on fury, check out my twitch vod page.

That being said, @Nebless doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about.

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The answer of Spreadicus is pretty accurate.

Age of Conan here rather than Conan Exiles :slight_smile: Some people would kill (or at least wound) for a console version of AoC

Why thank you for that.

The only thing I can see that I might have been wrong about, would be Fury’s population numbers, so as it’s been a long time since I was actually on the Pvp server I thought I’d check, vice relying on others.

As of 10am (PST) there were a total of 74 players online. 17 between lvl 1 and 20, and 24 between lvl 70 and 80. So you are right the pop is up, how many of those will still be around when the stay at home orders are lifted is anyone’s guess, but it’s good to see Fury back in the game.

Just for a comparison On Crom as of 1048am (PST) there were a total of 209 players online. 58 between lvl 1 and 20, and 50 between lvl 70 and 80.

Just checked Fury again: FURY numbers down to 50 total at 348pm (PST).

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Conan Exiles is NOTHING like PUBG, talking about apples and oranges lol