Notes on adding more PVP Content

There will always be a desire for new content, but the resources being put into AOC, as far as I can tell, is limited. So I’ve rattled some thoughts in my head and seeing the developers having a more active hand in community involvement compared to my previous experiences playing this game, I am going to include some suggestions for adding more pvp content without it being too labor intensive. Show your support or distaste in the comments below. This post is made with the intention of informing not instructing.

Pit Masters Arena
Add the ability to que up as a team. Not everyone enjoys dueling or they may not be playing a strong dueling class. Allowing players to que up as teams of two or three will allow an alternative means to grinding the Pit Master’s faction without having to solely rely on dueling.

Expand Stage of Battle/Festival of Bloodshed Locations
Expanding the location of where the open pvp zones take place will add more diversity to the open world environment. Also, adding more incentive to pvp across an entire zone of whichever location has been selected would go a long well as well. Currently all the fighting is done at the entrance of the zone.

Rewards for Siege participation
Whether you love it or hate it, sieging is part of the game and there should be appropiate rewards for participating and winning sieges. Sieging was originally intended as being end game content for pvp. Perhaps its time we finally make it so.

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We were actually just talking about how the PVP servers die off so fast because there is nothing to spend tokens on after you get your lvl 10 gear. I’d really love to see new pvp gear even if its negligibly better just to have something to shoot for. Just reskin old armors hell even use the culture gear. just give us something to do. No reason to stay just to do the same minis for the 10millionth time

I’m pretty sure they said somewhere that AoC wouldn’t get any new content updates. It’s a shame. All these new dorky mmo’s coming out no wonder it is a dying genre.

Just reskin the pvp 10 gear with the t6 armor make it exactly the same and add it to the vendors. Out of things to spend pvp tokens on