Idea: Give Fury the Saga of Blood Ruleset

I think if there’s one thing Saga of Blood proved, it was how much fun this game is when AAs and PvP levels are more easily achieved. I think it’d be a great step forward if some aspects of the Saga of Blood ruleset were adopted on Fury.

What do you all think? The three big changes I think Fury need are the following:

  • Constant PvP events (except Monday)
  • 8 expertise per level
  • increased AA and PvPxp gain

Events gave players something to do on Fury at all times, and let them work towards goals regardless of what week it was. There was always a resource to battle over.

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What made saga great was pre 80 pvp. Once the cap was raised to 80 it got gay super quick. With everyone and their store bought pvp sets and maxed aas.

Wasn’t that what sucked about pre-80 pvp as well though? Legendary PvP rings Ahem
I like this idea though, would be good as there’s barely any activity on fury now.
Plus pvp is only really fun when you’re not being slaughtered wholesale by people you have no chance to beat. Although it is insanely satisfying when you manage to kill a level 10 Conq on a level 5/6 or whatever xD