Poll about AoC PvP

There are not any pure pvp guilds in AoC Diesel. Only Tyyr’s guild concentrates fully on PvP as far as I know. And you won’t change my mind, I’ve been to many guilds onCrom, I saw what PvE players are capable for. Most of them still press the combos clicking mouse and their DPS just rocks… :joy: But if you compare those players to players like Lurvi, Ubermiley, Piratess, Ensiffer, Delred, Fass etc. you’ ll see what they can do in PvE. Try to play with The Ivory Tower and you’ll see things you have never seen before, and there are many many of them who play PvP every day. PvE players are slower in their reactions and its not a lie, just a fact which hurts you :slight_smile:


lol) you forgot destiny and coe. dont think there is more of elitists. you guys are good in playing with yrself. dont think I want join such guilds. about things I never seen b4) there is tons of vids about speed hacks in AoC. maybe pve players are slow because they don`t use combers and etc.
p.s. if you think that words can hurt someone, better think of yrself :rofl:

Give us T4 pvp gear with same stats as T6 with an ammount of pvp armor and prot + tenacity. Give us Pvp RF rings and gems! A few more minimaps and an option to go pvp instance. Like epic instance.

Give us a way to progress our maxed char. Rly tired of this once a week PVE RF grind to be compedetive in pvp.


Im gonna stop arguing with you. Those guilds would never recruit you just fyi. Enjoy RF’s


It is amusing for me how this guy is triggered by anyone doing pvp, guy is upset because he spends 20 hours per day doing pve and then pvp:er comes that plays pve once in while and performs better :joy::joy::joy:


My friend, a good part of the players in the guilds you mention aren’t how you think but just quiet and playing their roles while being able to understand and follow a tactic, both in pve and pvp. I am sorry if the low population makes you think otherwise. That’s at least from my experience, after that if you are willing to follow or not their leadership and the content they play or a few competitive players is clearly offtopic. :no_entry_sign:

NB: If you have a concern with not legit play and such, just vote accordingly.

Well most coe are in Ivory Tower ^^

sorry, you right, it`s offtopic who and how play the game.