T6 gear vs T3 PvP gear in PvP

  • T6 PvE gear should be stronger then PvP gear in PvP. (leave as is)
  • T6 PvE gear should be about the same strength as PvP gear in PvP
  • PvE gear should by definition be weaker then PvP gear in PvP

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Just wondering what the population feels about the current balance between PvE T6 gear vs PvP T3 gear for PvP

I never saw anyone argue against pvp gear needing to be the strongest in pvp

I’m not doing much pvp, but pvp-gear should be better than pve-gear for pvp.
Vice versa you can’t really use (even best) pvp-gear in pve, so why should pve-gear be better than most pvp-gear for pvp.

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Me neither, but it’s the current situation.

I think even FC had a pretty clear intention on that which visible by the “- stats”. But since they lack a deep understanding of their game mechanics themselves at least nowadays (which is why they never should consider general rebalancing anymore), the “- values” are just set too small. Good thing about t6 is also since its can be earned only by playing not to due to any kind of purchases/gambling nobody can raise an issue on that side, it they decide to tweaking the stats.
In Addition T6 does for sure not work for all classes better since you loose all your protection. It supports a glass cannon style that works out for some classes and playstyles.

Only class that has advantage of using t6 over pvp gear is demo, RF rings are far bigger problem than t6 gear… so is hox t5 rune

What about sin, ranger?

No biggie really. A t6 demo melt fast enough. The insane crits from a t6 sin is lolz tho. But they die fast enough too imo. What id like to see however is a pvp t4 set with more or less same stats + tenacity. Give the pvprs an option too! And for rf rings… just make shards tradeable for badges. Like 3 shards for 1 badge. I agree, rf rings are very OP


Ranger that sits far back is essentially useless as he wont bring his OP aoe cc’s into the team fights, and in t6 gear ranger is way too squishy to do that as will be blown apart in a second.
Same thing for sin really, t6 gear essentially cuts your prot in half, you just get much squishier.
My sin has around 42% prot with pvp set… and about 20% with t6 set, I will two shot squishies with pvp gear so what is the purpose of t6 gear, besides die after i have finished SDS rank II

When you are strudier, it makes people waste more time on you, more skills wasted on you, this lets your team do more work. Having “more” dps is not always the answer
People often mistake that “if something has lot of dps, it must be op” when that is not the case at all

What makes class OP is when it has little to no counters in game (cough barb conq pom)

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Getting a 9k damage from bomb from sin full T6 is not fun. Full T6 + T6 rune players made pvp now unbalanced more than before. T6 gear should have more -pvp stats, T6 and T5 rune too.

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9k?? I personally love to fight T6 geared players they die very quick and espesially Sins. I totally agree with Delred on his post.

It was exactly 8800, hehe. So that was one shot.

I mostly agree with you, but actually balance has been changed a lot by RF rings.
As many pointed out, that’s the true problem, and I guess we learned a lot about this in all the premades that were ran recently on Fury following the enthusiasm of the tournament.

I have the feeling on all my toons that my DPS is significantly lower.
That’s not completely exact: it’s the mitigation of toons with RF rings that is significantly, crazy higher.

This penalizes a lot squisher classes and benefits even more classes that are already more sturdish, like Barb, Conq, BS, etc.

So the extra-DPS a Sin gets from T6 Gear makes some sense actually… you feel it.
But I agree with you that Sin gets both much higher DPS but also much more Squishy.
More kills and more deaths.

True problem are Raid Finder rings.

But we are currently talking about something obvious: it was clear from the first moment we saw those rings and gems that they would have f****d up everything.
Funcom made them to appeal players in a dead game to continue to log every week, and was successful in this plan.

That’s it… AoC is gone.
Keep farming RF rings if you still care about be fully competitive in this - almost - dead game


I have no T6 gear, so I can’t really comment on this.
However, in your honest opinion, isn’t the low protection issue mostly countered by the rf rings in combination with T6 and also lotus overload immunity and dull pain for sin?

T6 pve gear already weaker than pvp gear. RF rings and hox t5 rune though are from different planet. If you want pve gear to be weaker than pvp, that’s what u target for nerf.

you should not rely on long cool down ability like dullpain to keep you alive for 20 minutes in a mini game, nor is lotus shield 100% reliable to prevent dmg, sometimes it procs in useless time and is wasted.
Using pvp gear + rf rings makes you essentially immortal for any sort of magical dmg, and dullpain does not work against holy dmg.

I have been using t6 set with ranger ( it has no rf rings) and it has honestly been doing worse than t2 set for ranger, it might be better if you sit 40 meters away only coming out of hide when every ability is ready.

As I have been saying always, having health, armor and prot are most valuable stats there are for pvp.
even before rf rings, I told craploads of other sins not to use pvp dps acessories, as they are borderline useless, told them to use prot / hp ones as they bring much more value.
The dps loss is not that major,

by being extremly squishy glass cannon, you put your team in bad position if you are most of the mini in respad or just by not being able to contribute to the fights enough
I been running mostly “tankish” sin all these years and been getting more kills than the ones with only 7k hp sins :P… and much less deaths

:slight_smile: but thats only because you play very good. Dont think you can compare yourself with other sins only looking at gear.

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Easy solution: Put -1000 pvp hit rating on all T6 pieces+runes like they did with T6 weapons :smiley:


I personally think that balance questions in any game should only be looked at in highest levels of play :slight_smile:

Yes ofcourse, otherwise there is too much variation due to player skill