Mini game PVP builds?

I am playing pvp again :), and feel i need to update my builds.

On ranger i am pvp10, and have mostly pvp t3 gear+rf rings+arena necklace.
Any cool builds out there for my ranger?

On my barb i am pvp3 with mostly t4 gear. + rf rings
Any cool builds for my barb?

My Tos is pvp 7. Mostly pvp t2 gear. + rf rings+ wb cloak
Any cool builds for my tos?

My Guard is pvp 8, with pvp t2/T3 gear + rf rings and wb cloak.
Any cool pvp builds?

My DT is pvp 4, with all pve gear possible, but only pvp t1 geared.
Any cool DT builds?

My Pom is pvp 5 with pvpt1 gear
Cool builds for pom?

Demo is pvp 3 with only pve gear.
Cool pvp builds for demo?

Rest of my classes i dont play so much pvp on. Conq maybe, but have a build i am sattisfied with :slight_smile:

Any help is appreciated.