Ranger pvp build

Does anyone can post a pvp build? I have never played this class and I completely dont know what is worth having and what is not. Looking rather for a full DPS build

Since nobody else replied, I’ll post the one I use in sieges: link
But I’m not really that much into PvP, so take it with a pinch of salt. :wink:

Isnt master sniper better than fancy footwork btw?

Much of a muchness (combo damage increases are pretty small buffs), but I’d side with Master Sniper for no other reason than it’s permanent.

custom lb+max trap/drain balanced build for group pvp

some rangers play without lb, others without drain, and a very limited few also play with marked target/marked for death. For duel you can also go for the general feat excellent balance.

Returning Ranger after several years; I am surprised at the number of builds with no points in general. I guess I will have to try one.

One question; why feat Fire Attack Advantage in a Linebreaker build? That build is the only one that has no fire damage attacks in it. Seems like a wasted point?

Doesn’t really matter.
As long as you know what buttons to press such as what trap to use or which Attack (I wouldn’t even call them Combos) the only thing you need to think about is W-Shift, Space-Spam, Quick Mouse Steer.
Just hop a couple Yards back and Shoot. Once the target closes in throw a trap repeat Shoot. Repeat Shoot.

That’s Ranger. Dumbest Class ever.

Because, as the tooltip says “empowers the next attack to deal extra fire damage”, which means that the target will get an extra hit of fire damage, typically 2-3k.

Also, don’t forget the blistering wounds effect, which reduces the heals on the target.

So, I tried a new build with no points in general and I saw marked improvement in PVE. Fire Attack Advantage works as described and is now part of my rotation. Thanks.

However I just tried my first mini in 8 years and did even worse than expected :smiling_face_with_tear: I (think) I helped my team win by following the team into melee range even though I died a lot. If they assume I helped not at all I couldn’t blame them…

Until I get my muscle memory back I will revert to a build that includes General as there is little point having extra goodies that I forget to use in the frenzy of battle.

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