Ranger dueling spec

I like the idea of pit arena a lot. I want to take some time to learn this class. I like watching some rangers duel, they look cool, their abilities are doing dmg etc. I look like I have downs.

I asked in global, about mana/stam drain spec. I was told it doesn’t work anymore. My current build is sort of open world troll spec. Looking to just do some duels, mini games. Can someone give me a few options to work with. I’m not smart enough to tweek out builds, especially when I only have one talent tree to work with and no gold. (why do they even charge us money to change spec anyway???)

Thanks in advance.

Just run deadly draw and running shot with your AAs, and grab whatever ccs, cc breaks, and damage you can from the three feat trees. Ranger is a very forgiving class with too many tools for the amount of damage they can put out at a safe distance. With just a modicum of spatial awareness, you should be able to do some serious damage without any of the risk that all the other class have to take to achieve it.

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One point in running shot right now, the buff doesn’t even show up yet lol.

Maxed out it should be up all the time.