New Update. Class rebalance?

Newest update:


  • Running Shot now respects its cooldown.
  • Running Shot’s cooldown has been lowered from 1 minute to 15 seconds.’

I think it’s time to have eye on other classes, trees and abilities. You changed something on ranger, its good - but we need more, more changes on classes.

I’m curious as to how it will function now. They lowered the cd to 15 seconds?

Edit: so i just checked it out. Now ranger will be able to use rs every time pen shot is off cd. So basically every time they use pen shot they’ll get running shot buff.

kudos on fixing the cooldown issue but lowering it from 1 min to 15 seconds is … crap.

They will still have this ultra anti cc every 15 seconds. The cd duration needs to be put back as it was or at least increased to 30 seconds or more. 15 seconds is way too short for 100% resist to stun, root, fear, and knockbacks!

There’s no point in playing any other class now. Age of Rangers is official with this update.

@mussagana all ranger general anti ccs have a 1 min cooldown, this is/was more than reasonable for running shot. why was this lowered to 15 seconds? It defeats the purpose of the cooldown fix entirely…

I mean come on. Bruh… .You guys almost had it right that time. so dam close… Not gonna lie i’m pretty pissed about this update. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This feels accurate right now.


So many memes fit the bill













Lol haha nice and funny.

But if you really had a good look at the change you had seen that it’s not possible to spam the ability anymore as before

True but it still grants a powerful anti cc every 15 seconds. Do any other classes have a 4 way 100% resist on a 15 sec timer?

Its nerfed. Ranger could be beaten before, now it’s more easy. What do you want?

It’s not nerfed dude have you tried it out yet? its buffed big time. they can literally use it every 15 seconds.

I want the cd set to 1 min

They fixed an exploit and balanced the result, now it’s only 3 sec cc immunity on a 15 sec timer when maxed. Need I say there is another rogue with 10 sec complete immunity to magic including ccs and damage with 20 sec timer? A lot of classes have extra anti-cc and immunity in their base feats, at least the exploit is gone but on a broken game balance level it’s nowhere near a vom aa on a tank for example. ^^

Yes they fixed the loophole but then reduced the 1 min cd to 15 seconds. That is not a balance. 15 seconds is nothing. there are no other 4 way anti ccs in the game with such a short cooldown. List one if you can think of one.

Ranger already has anti root/snare, anti fear/stun, and anti knockback in the general tree with this now theyll be just as unstoppable as before and now it’s not an exploit. Now its how it is. you can disagree if you ant but you’ll see in time what I already know. This fix was done incorrectly. the cooldown needs to be extended. This is a 4 way 100% resist anti cc we are talking about here.

It’s easy to play around this. Just look at the ranger buffs and wait 3 seconds before you CC


Have lived with rangers spamming it every second for a half a decade, not sure why i should suddenly flip out and make a 5 pages worth of meme s… post just because it got extended to 15s…

Lol @ rangers. Hated in pvp because it’s OP, hated in pve because it’s gimp. Can’t please everyone.


Indeed just do the same as against a sin with a caster except the immunity is lasting only 3 secs out of 15 and the ranger isn’t even invulnerable to damage. Only pure zerk barbs feat all the general tree for anti-ccs in the rogue archetype, you are over doing it mate.

This was the change requested by many players, including yourself. The cooldown never functioned, so what it was in the past is irrelevant.


Yes but that meant the cooldown should be 1 min overall regardless if pen shot was cancelled or not. not 15 seconds.

Now they’re getting the buff with a 15 second cooldown cancelled or not. 45 seconds less than the original 1 min timer

I mean would it be too much to ask that this powerful anti cc be given at least a 30 sec cooldown so they can’t just use it with every pen shot fired? I don’t understand how trimming 45 seconds off this is good for anyone but rangers.

Also there is no visual indicator of a cooldown in effect that i have seen. Shouldn’t there be one?

Bottom line: This is a fix to the exploit but it’s a huge buff for rangers. 15 second anti cc on demand 100% resist to 4 major ccs = Un-ccable ranger with the right build and completely legit working as intended.

sigh I’m sure i’ll find out just how good or bad it really is tonight in the arena. Will update this thread afterwards.

Leeeets fix another classes pleaseee.

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It’s definetly on par with other classes, no need to worry about that and the exploit is fixed. Thanks Mussagana. A lot more can be done but even a single thing done for pvper looks like a miracle after a decade so thanks again.


Funcom did something realy great with fixing running shot so it cant be exploited anymore… how can u say they made it more OP now?? It makes no sense. Its nowhere near as good as it was before when people could spam it for everlasting cc resist.

This is a big and justified nerf… the 15 sec cooldown is ok considering its tied to rangers main dmg combo and therefore cant be compared to passive or other anti cc abilities.

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They should remove all the CC or make them not working in PvP, how ridicule is having 5 CC skills per class? Also they should boost the DpS the demos do because as main mage class it is ridicule the damage it does, often it’s not even on the top 10, passed by a DT who is a tank lol

You just obsessed to be the most important and weaken all others. If it suits your interest its ok, If not its bad. You totally transparent. Wake or grow up…