Jumping Rangers

I am new to pvp in Age of Conan, and i am playing as ranger.
I see some rangers playing in a strange way, they are sprint jumping backwards(but they are standing still when they start the jump) and shooting as soon as they land.
Can anyone teach me how to do this or is this some exploit?

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It’s just turning around quickly, shift+w+space, turn around again and spam the combo key (or 1/2/3/Q/E) as you are about to land to shoot as soon as you do. If you can’t do a 180º turn fast enough, increase your mouse’s DPI with its software, since there’s no mouse sensitivity option in this game.

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What funcom needs to do is make a los check for rangers just like casters. How TF you gonna fire a bow behind you???

Are you trolling? if not it seems like you’re lacking some serious knowledge about basic ranger mechanics

How do you figure I’m trolling? if you’re going to try to come at me with some kind of point maybe you should clarify it

Ok then. Guess i have to keep it simple.
As of all the melee classes u have combos. If you finish the last combo sequence and hit the enemy while he is in front of you, and he moved behind you (or if you turn the opposite direction) while the combo is being loaded it will hit. This also applies for rangers.

I know how it works but it shouldn’t work like that for rangers. Rangers should be treated like casters. Feel free to disagree.

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Fully agree with Spread here.

To me this is a cheat just like skipping combos. First because it is ridicule to think someone with a bow jumps turns around and hit, what is he from a circus? Second because ranger has instantly CCs plus if he goes melee he gets 2 more CCs.

The ranger in a matter of facts it is a caster, only the pixels are different. I have a ranger myself and a sin, truly when i play them i feel like i’m cheating because all you do is trolling the same key and the dude dies after few hits. You don’t even need to use these tricks but oh well we all know these “great” pvper we got here on AoC lol

It’s not a cheat, it’s just a class that has been dumbed down so much anyone can play it well. About the jump and turn, casters can do it too. A demo can kite you while throwing instants all the time too.

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It works same as combo skipping, you jump and the hit works. A ranger or a caster should not jump in the air and hit you as soon they turn. A PvP system should be also a little realistic, last thing we want to see is everybody jumping in the air like a bunch of noobs.

Also do not misunderstand the caster with a ranger, because a caster has some skill that do not require a casting time, therefor he is kiting you and using them, he is not jumping in the air to perform an hit that requires 5 seconds casting time but thanks to this exploit it takes one second to cast.

Agreed, neither Gandalf nor Dumbledore were much of a jumper.

Would have loved to see a jump-and-turn attack from Harry VS Morty though.

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If you want realistic combat play Mount & Blade, Chivalry, or the upcoming Mordhau. Age of Conan has magic, no blocking system, just trades, where combo finisher animations last for seconds that still hit even if the enemy moves away. This game is far from being realistic.

Noone said it had to be realistic but rangers shooting arrows 180 degrees behind them simply because they got the animation off is not how it should be, At launch casters didnt have a line of sight check either. you could cast spells on an enemy that was right behind you, they decided this wasn’t a good way to have it and added a los check, so now casters can’t cast a spell at you if you break los. See where i’m going with this?

What they should do is make it so you can’t spin around while firing a shot. That would work like a los check.

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On a bright note, at least rangers are not shooting behind walls anymore… at least as badly as before.

What i see about jumping ranger are not about skills, all that jumping ranger/casters and melees than finish combo 5 meters away after jump and hit you is not skill. I’m not sure what is so i can’t tell, but i think is a kind of script or macro (i don’t want to think about 3rd party programs) that finish the combo few ms before jumping.
Don’t care if ppl call me noob or l2p or something, i know im a bad player, but seeing a conq jumping when tanking a boss in an instance only tend me to think he forgot to turn off the script…(as well as rangers that go out of hide with mez shot sliding few meters and then going back to his original position)

Not a script or a macro… just aoc being aoc nothing else

after a whitehit has landed you can move like a melee on ranger on the fadeaway time of a whitehit.

difference between melee and ranger is that on melee you can move before the whitehit has even landed, on ranger you can’t.

also calling combojumpers scripters does just not reflect good knowledge of the game. combojumping is very easy to do, but ofc there may be some scripters out there.

doing a 180 on ranger between whitehits on ranger I’d say is more demanding, and only few have had the finesse to bother doing it like sleves does, which is why it may seem odd… but it’s just playing the game plain and straight! even if the 180 turn is scripted (which I dont think in sleves case) I’d salute him for pushing the ranger further. can’t say the same for the majority of rangers over the years.


I dont see the point of 180 between the white hits when you can jump backwards, and cover the same distance as a normal sprint jump.

Like Lurvi said, it’s very difficult to perform. I’ve tried it myself on my ranger (the little PvP I’ve done with it) and only managed to do it a few times, whereas combojumping is so much easier to perform.