Help this person is using a exploit

It can jump inside me and move my character around then kills it
video proof
(1) hacker age of conan - YouTube

I cant tell much from the video, aside that he somehow was inside your character but i’ve seen strange things and it seems you have to always record just to catch some guys on screen.
Some of that stuff is a Ranger who moved by porting every 5-6 yards, it wasnt lag just him causing it, pretty sure there is an old video in youtube of someone explaining how you can cause that bug, (Some still use it to make all your combos miss by microlag) another one was a Ranger that for some reason was making my character stuck inside walls with his shots, i dont know what that magic combo is lol and also a DT that once he attacked me and teleported 20 yards away my character just moved ‘‘Up’’ and was stuck at the top of an Oak Tree and he could hit me from the ground ‘‘Up there’’ with Combos.

I suppose you already seen DTs who run faster than Barbarians on speedbuff, port 20 yards away and back to you in seconds and yet hit all Combos still, it seems the VoM Jackpot Class is a favourite among such types as is the Ranger for Gankers who use Exploits.
The aforementioned people just play to have fun by ruining fun for others so its pretty common for them to exploit game mechanics and such. How? Only they know.

Doubt you’ll find a solution, even funcom couldn’t ever control it and their known policy was ‘‘If you see an exploit report it and don’t mention it’’ but then again people have provided proof of some old known cheaters and they rarely got banned at all.

Anyway, in regards to the one you posted i cant tell much of whats happening…

There was a time where Rangers could fire behind Walls and there were also Duels inside Walls in Hallowed Vaults lol Then again you will also see PvErs support Teleporting from Node to Node to farm Materials for their Guild Cities even using Bots for that and say that they don’t mind it because its effective.

So as a rule of thump people don’t mind Hackers or abusing Mechanics as long as they, or their Guilds benefit from it. Thats the truth unfortunately and one of the reasons they hate me because i dared mention the bad things they do.
Trust me, if you’re a Hacker and are in one of their Guilds and somebody provides proof, they wont mind and they wont kick you from the Guild, they will just ask you to teach them how to use the Hack itself. Its Funcoms issue to enforce rules.
Shall i even mention the fact that former GM’s who still have Alts, Exploit the Game mechanics fully? AoC does has some Elitist Circles who Support each other In-Game for years.

yes it was able to jump inside me and control my character and move it around,and it was very annoying ,sad that Funcom lets people do this

Lol it looks just like the fatality cancelling and you can drag people around with it. Nothing to do with any of the garbage that other reetard is spewing.


I wonder if hyak touches himself when he does stuff like this


too bad funcom is not serious enough to ban these people,they banned me 3 days for false reports saying that i was another person and a troll

Fatality bug is probably as old as the game itself (well, it might have come after the comboskipping fix). It’s very easy to perform.

What’s a lvl 28 doing in a lvl 80 pvp zone anyway?

Thats not even really relevant. The point is that this is seen /used as annoying/trolling and it’s not intended gameplay.

Deuk is right, It’s a severe exploit of game mechanics that allows you to commandeer another player’s character and hold it indefinitely if you want to. There’s no way to break out of it.

But will funcom do anything about it? Survey says… :-1:

Well to achieve this the person has to get a fatality, aka a kill with an animation you can’t get out of anyway - and you also can’t touch the person performing the animation. It’s the most ridiculously OP bubble in the game :smiley: If we don’t rebalance fatalities with pvp in mind then this bug can stay and is harmless.

tl;dr either way you’re dead from a melee fatality and as a victim cannot do anything but wait to return to the respad. But here the person can choose to actually spare you.

This bug is really just “playing with a corpse”. This should be the lowest of lowest priorities.

Funcom did not even reply this tread,guess they do not care or they are not serious enough to give that person a ban and me a nice gold medal or something as compensation

Yeah but Louis, here’s the problem. If somebody does that to you and doesn’t let you go, they can hold you there indefinitely and you won’t be able to release or die properly until they do. So stop trying to defend it okay buddy :+1:

@KittyPaws they definitely do not care

Neither is refreshing cooldowns on the lotus flower/ pets, yet you do that :grinning:

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Dont bother. Most people exploit when they get the chance. Always was like this from the start. No exceptions. Everyone accuses the other but everyone was always doing the same. If the game had active monitoring by GM it would work but its a very old project so it makes sense.

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