Exploit users again, will Funcom react?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc | Exploits]
Region: [EU]

We are currently playing on Official Server #1104 and today some people joined who constantly use exploits. These people used exploits in earlier already to make the game horrible for everyone. We recorded the exploit use and made screenshots. Can funcom finally react after the release and write back to me to send to fotage?

this is our 2. try to help funcom hope we get here responce - to help that the game is playable

funcom needs to react fast otherwise the game will die again!!

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You can send me the information you have and I can take a look :slight_smile:

is there any email or any way i can send it to you?

You can send it in a private message on these forums

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Yes I am on the same server. It is unplayable, when one of this glitscher can beat 6 player or more. he is some kind of speeding or fps-bugging.

can you explain it please, im new on the forums

Click my name to go to my profile, there should be a blue button in the top right that says “Message”

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I’m sorry there is no button in the corner :frowning:

Maybe I can’t be messaged directly because I’m a developer. Not 100% sure about the settings for the forums as they are relatively new. I’ll send you a message to start things off then :slight_smile:

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Great! Thank you for the quick response!!

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I’m trying to upload it here

Are there any active Admins atm? Server 1208 has been unplayable for 16hours now and no one is responding to tweets/mails/server report/facebook etc etc

Or have i been looking in the wrong places? Please Please help us, its unplayable

I see 20 players on 1208 atm in our stats, with a decent framerate. What exactly is the problem on 1208?

You cant walk on Player made structures, you cant open up workbenches etc
All you can do is Press “F” to loot all from player built sources and loot stuff, people have been walking into others bases as you can walk through all blocks even walls and looted everything that isnt locked.
Its been like this for 16 hours. 16/20 are below level 15 as they just joined the server if you check their levels

You cant lose HP when NPCs damage you.
You cant open doors
You cant open boxes
You cant stand on Floors
You CAN walk through walls

From what ive seen the problem is with player Interractions with the world, seems like they are disabled or something as anything besides the pre-built world is un-touchable. It’s like this for every player atm

THE SERVER is 1208. I cant make more replies here either, start a new message with me please :3

This Guy MD is known for using exploits and he is raking havok on this server #1104. Not fun.

The Primordial Clan is building inside a tower on the northern end of the southern aqueduct (server 1104). They enter the base using bedrolls so its not possible to raid it the propper way --> this should be fixed. Moreover its very strange that always when players get in contact with them they are moving strange and the game has constant freezes, with all other players fighting acts like normal but not with these guys. They are writing in global chat about building under the map, building flying bases and using own programmed macros by AutoHotkey/AHK. Funcom needs to react on those guys fast, otherwise they will spread and the game will finally die.
moreover i saw on youtube something like an infinate grit bug and a dancer bug that heals you constantly.
If one of the admins need more information, just ask

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