Jumping Rangers


you just need to turn your camera with the left mouse key in preparation and then your angle is set to basically sprint jump that direction straight forward.


I’m currently trying to get this down. It is not easy to do. My character still turns around when I jump back. I have trouble beating barbs and conqs on my ranger so trying to get better with this jump because it covers a lot of ground and makes kiting much better.


You don’t jump backwards, you turn around and jump forward while holding Shift then turn around again. When you master it, it looks as if you jumped backwards really fast, probably because the full animation isn’t visible to others due to the lag.

It’s like doing a 360 in a shooter.


thanks that actually helps


lol bunny hoping is as old as 3d gaming, it’s just looking weird and desync in aoc because of it’s terrible netcode.


The back jump isn’t bunny hopping.

The bunny hopping thing is the reason I stopped playing melee in this game because it looks horrid.


Bunny hopping usually gives you an advantage over regular running, and in this game this doesn’t exist. You will run just as fast as by spamming jump in AoC. Combojumping is another story, which makes some classes’ specs viable, like zerker barb, useless otherwise, and it also makes melee combat more fun in my opinion.

Like I said, this is more like doing a 360 in an FPS game, but with a jump in between.


let’s be clear, combo jumping is nothing more than a directional jump + finisher synchronized. About ranger it’s nothing more than a sprinted bunny hop jump with speed hack and horrid netcode. AoC cannot reinvent the wheel but it’s the only mmo around with devs that have no pride for their product :wink: oh wait the original devs are long time gone. ^^