Let’s talk about running away from a fight

Okay, so I’ll preference this by saying I like the combat system in Conan quite a bit. Could it use some improvements? Yes. Is it pretty nuanced for the genre? I think so, yes. But by far the worst thing about this system is how easily it allows people to be chickens and really cheat the system.

I am referring to the fact that you can run away from basically any fight at any time. This has been mentioned before I’m sure, but I want to bring it up again as I think it’s a really important flaw in the current system. Not only does this cheapen the battles you have in pve, by always allowing you a safe out. But it also leads to a lot of chasing in PvP. I’m sick of chasing people. If you want to fight let’s do it. If you want to dance around, evade and heal, go for it. If you want to disengage and run home, fine. But that’s not really how people use it, is it?

Instead people attack you, run away when you counter attack, keep running, keep running, heal disappear, then run back to try an attack again. Strike once, doesn’t go their way, run away again. And there’s very little a melee fighter can do about it.

That’s not all, let’s say you want to place a bomb at my base behind me. All you need to do is run at a leisurely pace, place the bomb run in a circle, activate it, and run away. There’s nothing I can do about it. Even if I run right next to you, if I swing, I’ll miss. I can wait for you to get close and lunge at you, I’ll almost certainly miss. So long as you keep jogging you are out of my reach, short of a bow, which will also probably miss (So long as you zig zag a little) there is no way I can hit a running target. And that is incredibly frustrating. I’m sure I’m not the only one to think so. Something needs to be done and I don’t pretend I know what’s best. I would like to hear everyone’s ideas.

One suggestion might be to add a charge attack that moves faster then a sprint and is capable of knocking down/crippling the target if hit. It would move mostly straight so it would require proper aiming. And npcs should also have this ability to make escaping an engagement more risky. The only thing is, I’m not sure it would actually fix the problem, people would probably just step to the left slightly to avoid your charge. It might be better to allow more forward movement during an attack. Currently you basically stop to swing. Or perhaps decrease the time and increase the range of the first attack. I’m not sure. What do you all think? Am I the only one that thinks this is a bit ridiculous?

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I hate direct pvp due to it becoming an out-healing the other.

Running away is a good mechanic, especially when it is obvious which follower will win the match.


I agree that retreat should be an option and that the healing is a whole other issue in PvP. I just wish there was some way for an attacker to at least attempt to overcome a runner, hence a lunge attack mechanic. Even if you chase someone and catch them so long as they continue moving forward you have no hope of ever hitting them (they could be completely out of stamina and this would still be true in most situations).

However, I’m less concerned about retreat then I am the ability to literally run right past someone that is swinging their weapon and not be concerned about taking damage. I mean you can basically walk around attacks if you are moderately careful. I feel like an armed warrior in fighting stance should pose more of a threat.

Running away is a valid strategy. And if your opponent runs away, you’ve won the fight. It doesn’t always have to end in death.


I hear you man, if that is how people used it, I would be fine with that. We fight they retreat, I claim victory. Accept that’s not how things really go is it? When most people retreat the fight isn’t over. They run away, get safe heal and then come back for quick attack and run away again. Rinse repeat. It’s a cheap way to fight, it’s frustrating and not fun! but if it is an option and there is nothing a defender/attacker can do to counter it people will utilize it.

Additionally, I’ve yet to hear a response regarding bombing runs by simply running placing a bomb and running away. Even with me standing in front of the base swinging away. If you run, you basically can’t be hit. How do you defend against that strategy if you’re melee. If you have thrall archers or fighters they are way to slow to react. With how Op bombs are I feel this a bit of problem. But maybe it’s really just my personal frustrations. In which case I apologize for my ranting and appreciate the opportunity to vent.

Zero point there’s plenty of range weapon that allows you to cripple and finish your enemy. I use to have a hard time catching people aswell but not anymore. Try using a bow(the derketo one) and Dragon bone arrows with 40 accuracy and your enemy will fear you. If you want more explanation on the build let me know.

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I like the idea of a charge attack a lot. Maybe make it consume a whole lot of stamina, so it doesn´t get abused so much…
If implemented in a proper way, I can only see improvements so far:

  • If you get into the limited range of the charge attack of a player, you will have to be aware that maybe you will not be able to get away easily.

  • On the other hand, if you don´t want to fight, then you can still be cautious and stay in a safer distance.

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It is indeed, but it gets abused from time to time by players who want to troll you or take your time and attention so you cannot do other things in game.

This is the way it should be, but as the OP described, the problematic behaviour is people running away just to come back and repeat (which means you didn´t win anything, because you can´t end the fight, you only loose time).

Therefore, a change that makes it more risky to attack someone would be an improvement!

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The idea isn’t bad, but if you make it to easy to chase someone than the fight is one-sided Wich isn’t better. Like I said their is range weapon for this kind of problem

You are right that with a bow build this is not so much of a problem.

In my experience in melee builds, at least 1vs1, trying to stop runners with a bow is far from easy.

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For the bombing, i agree, for the most powerful item outside of gods (do to the shear numbers one can carry), the place mechanic is way to simple. This could be rectified by simply adding a placing animation. IE, make it so you can’t place farther than 1/2 a foundation, and you actually kneel an place the bomb (2-3 seconds at the most to run through the animation). Thus, making the place as you run non existent, and also remove the cheesy place while melee use of it.

As for the running away if losing, i think it is fine now that the sonic roll has been removed. If a person disengages by movement and is able to escape, then they deserve to “live”. You always have the option to chase. be surprised how many times it comes down to knowing the map, and how much of a point you want to make by chasing.


@shawnou, I appreciate the suggestion. I will definitely be experimenting with bow builds and maybe a combo bow strength build to work around this. I still feel that someone in a melee build should have some form of recourse to attack someone that is running. I will literally run up right next to people so that we are touching but if I swing my weapon, it will miss. Seems a little silly. Hence why a charge mechanic might be useful.

Bombs already got nerf pretty hard. They don’t do anywhere near the damage they use to do. Usually the person’s bombing has an encumbrance build to carry the explosive. Wich in that case he has to run. The way it is now is fine and chasing the person with bombs is a good way of stoping him from attacking your base. Message for the OP if you are a solo player I recommended you team up with others for better defense. I know it’s hard to find people you can trust but there are some out there.

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I really like the suggestion about making the bomb placing an actual animation that took a few seconds. This would definitely solve the problem, and really just makes sense.

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Yeah I feel you. Try 30 strgh 40 vit 40 accuracy. But if you can manage to run up to him, a spear as good reach and you might get him. Add poison on your spear to stop him from healing as well. That’s all I got man good luck.

So you are okay with bombs as melee weapons?

Right now, one can hot bar the bomb, run with it select mode and place with a quick flip. If a player is bombing, they should place it down, not spam it like a building piece.

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Where did I say that’s bombs are Mele weapon? Please clarify. Bombs are completely fine the way they are they already got nerf. Were an alpha clan and like I said earlier if you can’t defend by yourself find people that you can trust (it took me 2 years we are now 9) A good team is key in this game. And yes I just said a team is key, a group of person should always be stronger than one individual. The game is at the moment at the best state it ever been. PS: this is an opinion about the game and I apologized if it offends you

When I say the best state I mean building HP vs bombs dmg. I mean PvP meta is great once get use to it

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This has nothing to do with amount of damage. It has to do with the ability during melee to place a bomb 3 to 4 5 foundations out in front of you by quickly twitching on the hot bar. so i can place in your path and any where i want while i melee. And it is instant. That is how they are used in melee. so leaving the spam place mechanic (that is what the current hot bar to place is) allows this, as well as the naked bomber. You know run around avoiding and place bombs around base. Then all one can do is set them off, even if you kill the naked bomber before they ignite it. By having a slight pause every time you place, it would eliminate the spam placement. If you are raiding , it is would not affect true placing and raiding mechanic very much, if at all.

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