The running PVP meta

Fights take waay too long to finish in PVP b/c practically anyone can keep running forever. There should be a mechanic similar to “For Honor” where if an enemy player spends too much time running and evading fights, their stamina starts draining at a much faster rate. Constantly spamming heals / food to heal in fights is also ridiculous and drags out fights that should be decided quickly and decisively by who gets the best blows in. Instead what happens is people keep healing and running until their buddies show up dragging out the battle even longer. Or worse, keep running until they jump in a body of water.

Swimming in water without stamina should also reduce your speed so that the javelin could actually be useful. I shouldn’t have to have a vault nearby with encumbrance junk just to shark an obnoxious coward to get their loot that should have been mine 15 minutes prior. (And also, how does having a stack of herbal or ice tea work when you’re supposed to be submerged in water? Where are people even storing these cups and liquids while being half naked in epic dafari “Armor”?)

Fights should be over in under 5 minutes ideally, not until someone lags out 20 minutes later rolling in place after burning through all sorts of heals and a few odd thralls. (And don’t even get me started on people with crap internet connections teleporting all over the place.) If people want more HP, then heavy armor and shields should provide that without their current disadvantages but the current PVP meta is getting really old. Can PVP mechanics be reworked to where it doesn’t reward overwhelming numbers or cowardice? Is it so unheard of people actually having to commit to fights in PVP?

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The katana is a meta slayer bruh.

If you 1 shot them, they don’t have a chance to run away.

Here’s my katana build:

Full flawless pictish heavy, or full flawless kambujan medium (I prefer pictish heavy for the build)

Leftover into grit, think you need buffs to have leftover

Seven winds katana vs heavy armor and medium, musashi’s black blade vs light

Also carry venom daggers, a 2h mace, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the jhebbal sag claws.

4th hit in combo for katana does massive damage. So you should try to whiff and bait them to trade with your 4th hit. Most people don’t know this and will walk into it.

You’ll 1 shot most of the time, but if they have a hardy buff and/or a lot of vitality, they will live (unless 5th perk for strength is active, then they die no matter what). If they survive your high damage strike, pull out jhebbal sag claws with poison on them and chase them tf down. They probably spam panic rolled after you did that much damage with the katana, so the claws should be able to catch them even without much grit.

It takes skill and patience to use, but it’s the most satisfying build ever. Make sure your input on the combo are spot on or your attack w the katana will possibly do normal damage.


Kitanas are really useful with a certain damage stacking exploit that 1 shots or 2 shots even the best pvper. Still though 2 handers and Kitanas normally apply as close quarters stand off weapons as only the pike has range to reach out and hit someone. The minute someone starts running though it becomes a pita to chase down. Now assuming we can herd a runner and pin them, we apply daggers and stack posion/bleed but the best cowards still know how to run and evade. Kitanas are really nice 1v1 pvp though but add a few ppl to the mix and it gets crazy.

The difference between this and For Honor is one is entirely focused on combat and the other isn’t. Plus, this suggested change would actually make daggers and other agility style builds even more useless while buffing the meta builds even more so.

Stamina lasts way too long when all people do is run and evade after a fight goes south for them. There should be a mechanic (other than lag related bs) that gradually slows people down. Maybe a Bola, maybe a “Wounded” status that that reduces healing and stamina after fleeing for so long. Its pure cheese otherwise. Once blades start flying people should be forced to commit with limited options to flee.

Cripple is fine.

Why? Why shouldn’t running away be a viable option? This is a survival game, not a fighting game.


To put it in plain north American gamer english, This is Conan Exiles based on Conan the Barbarian, not Conan the little ■■■■■ that runs away from fights he starts(and then talks ■■■■ from under the mesh) Running should only get you so far and there’s not many viable or practical options for dealing with players that keep running across the map.(and I’m not even talking about the current infinite stamina glitch with the shield and a pick) Human beings tire from exhaustion and while the stamina mechanic is an attempt to reflect that it seems like no consideration was given to nerf people from running after short recoveries . The longer you keep draining your stamina bar, the less it should refill until you come to a complete stop for sometime to recover. Same thing with healing. The more damage you keep repping the lest effective further heals should be. The game feels really imbalanced.

But we aren’t playing as Conan.

Conan is actually an NPC in the game. He is the guy who pulls you down at the start of the game and points out that you actually are a little blankety-blank-blank who runs away from stuff.


In PVP you have to fight eventually and there’s nothing wrong with balancing out cheese mechanics. You shouldn’t be able to run indefinitely, but if you feel that way maybe you should advocate for bringing back the infinite stat javelin instead.

Says the guy? with the hidden public profile.


You can’t sprint infinitely, and cripple should slow them down enough that you can catch them if you are good and have a good build.

Just stack a few pillars, connect them with ceiling tiles, and stick some thralls up on it with high tier bows and gas masks, then hang out under or near that.


I am talking about the speech Conan gives you at the start of the game.

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  1. Throwing down building pieces in a random place is impractical, cheese and probably not good long run for a server

  2. Crippling/poison works once they run out of heals and they either get stuck or make some other mistake. Thing is, fights can drag out way too long b/c of no diminishing stats/heals.

Not really. If you are running back to that area repeatedly, you can keep making use of it. If not, it will decay.

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People want to fight with weapons primarily not cheese mechanics. I suppose if I really wanted to take the minecraft meta cheese route I’d build traps everywhere but you don’t always control where the fights are or where they’ll wind up. A major nerf to running/heals means at least the fight is localized to an area where ever it breaks out.

If they wanted to fight they wouldn’t have run away.

I agree with this.

If you want duels just organize and build an arena, and put a chest on either side. The winning player gets to loot whatever they want from the losing player’s corpse only, the organizer gives them a free dragon powder for winning, they get to put what they want to keep in their chest for safe keeping, and then the fights can continue.

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Its not always about stealing mats, but chance encounters happen in the fog of war and realistically running away or constantly “healing” for a long period of time shouldn’t always be an option( swimming away with a bunch of mats is a broken mechanic as is swimming over encumbered but thats a whole other topic) The PVP game is basically light epic dafari, spears, rolling, evading, poking and running indefinitely(paired with the exploit meta where applicable). I don’t see why mechanics can’t be adjusted on PVP servers to encourage combat and skill rather than encourage running as the first and only option.

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Or not played on a PVP server where they eventually have to

running away is a startegy. not always a good one, but one just like offline raiding. Here is why, PVP wise at least.

  1. If i am raiding you and you force me to run away, you defended and won.
  2. If I am raiding you, and you ran away and left base unprotected, i should get in and get some loot. I win.
  3. If i am out farming and you try and jump me, i run awaya and keep what i farmed…i win.
  4. If i am out farming and you try and jump me, only to realize i am not full enc built, and decide to run away, i win, i keep my stuff.
  5. If I am level 30 leveling, and a 60 try’s to jump me, i run away keeping my kit (because i am more than likely new to server, my only kit) to continue leveling until i can match you at 60.

Like was said before, if you want to straight up melee, meet in a area and do it with someone who will reciprocate. Out in the wild, no one has to engage. And you don’t have to follow/chase. Those are open ended choices for each player.


Because they don’t adjust based on the server type. If they make a balance change, it is going to affect everyone, even people on PVE servers.

Not wanting a fight now is not the same as never wanting to fight.


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