Run away problem

Since you cant hit fast with weapons - it is almost impossible to catch person who run away.
I think it would be great to have speed decreased with low hp.


I much rather they give us better gap-closers with weapons, otherwise fights will be decided by who hits who first-- ganking paradise


I thought about it too - but it’ll take too much time(

I really agree with this. It’s too easy for high-levels to run away from low-levels as soon as they see that they’re about to be killed by an underdog.

But at the same time a lot of us haven’t been leveraging the weapons that effect cripple. Greatswords and swords apply an effect that prevents enemies from moving for a short duration. If you can keep your enemy crippled, they won’t be able to run away, or back away from your hits.

Imagine this OP, you spend a day (or more) crafting the gear and weapons you wanted so much, then, a guy or two happens to get you by surprise, and bam! You can’t run, and die in two hits.

Congrats, you lost hours of farming because you haven’t the chance of escape.

No, the game is fine with the possibility of running, the things we need, its attack leaps to have more options for gap closers. If you cant manage to cripple someone, they deserve a chance for escape.

The day FC nerf this and led the game into a ganking fest, a lot of people will get frustated to loose their hard earned stuff and servers will become ghost towns.


This is bullsh*t - this game is about pain - and if you can just run away - it sucks

I thought people play games to have fun, not pain.


If I want to run, I’m going to run. It’s your job as the attacker to make sure I can’t run. There are plenty of options to make that happen in the current Live build. If it wasn’t the case, no one would be dying in PvP right now.


In order to have a “complete” combat system with all the bases covered, what we need is a light and strong attack while jumping, perhaps applying a knockdown with the heavy and having a cooldown or bigger hit to stamina usage. Secondly we need a gap closer that’s not a “rooted” attack, that applies the weapon-associated debuff and also has a cooldown timer / larger stamina drain so that it can’t be spammed and would only be used strategically. I don’t think giving someone a permanent cripple while the health is low is a good idea as players should be able to do whatever they choose. We just need to expand the combat features a bit more so that the attacker doesn’t feel like the enemy got away due to a lack of tools in their combat toolbox, but if they do get away it was purely because they outmaneuvered the attacker.

Then next time you invest into vitality (for how else you die in 2 hits?) and bring antidotes/elixir of freedom (or wtvr its called i forgot :wink: ).

I think it will be a game changer when they make healing not work while moving or taking damage like discussed in the last dev build. You will still have to chase them down but at least when you do catch them you can kill them instead of them having full health again.

I do think that all attacks should have a cripple. Realistically if you get hit with something you will have a hard time running afterward. You could still block and dodge until it wears off but then if they added some range on weapons when running and attacking, you would be able to get a cripple on them when you get close enough to hit them.

There was a time when I thought archery’s use would be to keep someone from running, but with the speed of running and changing direction they are impossible to hit most of the time and get too far away too fast.

I said 2 hts by figure of speech, because even on heavy armor, if two guys max lvl and gear, with reaper poison on daggers or spear get you by surprise, you will likely die before taking any action. Only if you have antidote, healing potions and elixirs on hotbar, reacting real quick.

I’d rather have real ranged weapons which can actually kill something…
So if the infidel runs just shoot him on the back… Problem solved.
Oh but bows are soo weak they can even heal up while the arrow is in the air… shame… :smiley:
Edit: BTW dagger’s light attack and a roll forward before it can reach quite a long distance as gap closing.
I use that against archers. Maybe can work in PVP as well.

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Tell this to DS players))))))

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Those are totally different animals… :smiley:

No, that is not god for the game.

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Could have a Crowd control ability with cool down that is available on demand or slightly faster combat animations to make the stagger worth it so you can land multiple hits, another option is to make stagger last just a bit longer so its possible to still land multiple hits.

when you block with the shield and enemies get staggered that stagger needs to last a bit longer because they recover before you can swing at them.

The Stamina change will also help against people running away all the time during combat that Funcom mentioned, which instead of chunks of stamina back it will regen at a steady and slow pace.

You can hit fast with daggers.

Arrows and javelins will cripple if you hit them in the leg. Also, as another poster said, swords and great swords also cause cripple. You can also knock them down with hammers and axes. Or stack bleed so they bleed out while running since they wouldn’t be able to heal without stopping (bleed would cancel food/potion healing, gotta stand still for bandages now).

There’s a lot of options.


No dont start to ad 1000 spec combat skills and make this a WOW coppy!!!

I’m not the most experienced exile but my experience so far is that if I don’t want to get hit, I won’t get hit. I don’t mean running away or into the water I mean literally running circles around whoever tries to hit me. We can move very fast in this game and the stamina bar regens just as fast.