The movement is all wrong

There is no slow down when sprinting in one direction and then switching to the other direction causing players dodge all arrows by strafing back and forth over and over. Running is too fast. Mounts should be able to go that fast, but when someone runs away from me, I will get maybe two shots off with a bow and then they are way the hell off the screen; even in heavy armor you can move at full speed and change directions instantly.

This movement plus healing ruins combat all together making all the work done to combat pointless.



The solution I would offer to fix it is to reduce players’ speed by how much damage they currently have. Injured players would move slower.

If a player is nearly dead, they should be very slow. If they are slightly injured, they should be slightly slower.

This way, players wouldn’t be able to just flee combat when they realize they’re starting to lose. Once you lock into combat, you should be locked in to the death. There are too many mechanisms (sprint, dodge, climb) that currently allow players to just ‘abort’ when they realize they’re headed to the grave.

Here’s an example:

  1. You see an enemy, and land an arrow hit on the torso. They start to run at 90% speed.

  2. Being 10% faster, you manage to catch up to arrow range and land another hit. They continue to run at 80% speed.

  3. They keep running, but you catch up again, and land a javelin hit. They are now running at 60% speed.

  4. You pull out your daggers and engage in melee. You cut your enemy down.

If they had just turned and fought, then they would have had only a 10-20% disadvantage. But by prolonging the fight by running, then the enemy ended up having a 40% disadvantage.

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Probelm is they need to adjust the healing To the current Dmn system as well Cause u can outheal the current dps atm as well
Also They need to have a combat Stance that enables you to fight . or run . That or be able to Swing while running cause u can never catch up with anyone. Or have the blunted Arrows do no damnage but knock you down

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