Small tweaks to ranger for big payoff

Now that we’re in the home stretch on Saga, and I’ll be returning to Crom with a T6 weapon for my ranger for one of my toons, I would like to suggest a few small tweaks that I think would help with ranger pve dps (currently about the lowest for any dps class). These shouldn’t take too much effort, and fit in with the current ranger setup, which I may be the only player in AoC that actually really likes. Anyway… here goes:

  1. Reduce CDs for unused Advantage from 35 to 15 or 20 seconds. This would enable a 3 or 4 rotation per cycle, instead of the current 2, and would actually provide a reason to feat more than one Advantage. This is could be done independently or by changing the useless Inner Focus feat to reduce the CD for unused Advantages 3 or 4 seconds/per feat invested.

  2. Increase Adaptability/Double Attack feat percent from 2% to minimum of 4% or 5% for a total of 20/25%. The current version of 10% hardly ever procs, so is pretty much useless.

  3. Reduce CD for Marks to 60 seconds for both versions, so they can be better synchronized with each other and with Advantages.

  4. Reduce CD for Crossfire AA to 50 seconds, or start the timer at the beginning rather than the end of the channeling. This would enable the ability to be used for every spawn of adds in T5 Yak, instead of every second one.

And please, Funcom, if you have any soft spot for rangers at all, remove the upper/lower buffs from the plethora of buffs that we get in raids… trying to keep an eye on them with 20-30 other buffs popping up all over the place is just infuriating. You can re-use the ui for Sin Soul Shards, or the spellweaving ui, or the old combo one, I don’t care… anything would be better than the current setup.

Tweak it back to pre-wreck honestly. Its current state does not follow the combo system at all. Theres a reason its OP for pvp and barely used for anything else.

Nah… I like the current combo system for ranger way more than old one.

there is no combo system for ranger… click lower arrow and click “spell” can’t go more brain dead as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… I never played ranger that way, so I don’t really know what you’re talking about. But even if I did, it couldn’t be more brain dead than DT running macro to maintain ■■■■■■ counter… or watching ui to tell me when to hit upper left, lower right, mid… whatever. I like being able to have four options for every combo… sometimes I go for full buffs, sometimes none, sometimes only one. It all depends on the situation, but the important thing is that I’m the one who chooses when, where, and how to deliver my combos. It can be boring, or it can be interesting. I choose the latter.

Anyway, didn’t want to debate the merits of the current ranger playstyle. It is what it is, and I’m not expecting it to change, or even have any small adjustments made that I was thinking of. I guess it was just a rainy Sunday and I was bored…