Ranger PVE DPS to low

It would be nice if the ranger for PVE got a DPS buff. Or what do you think about this? One must often hear the ranger do too little Damge.

Its always problematic with PVE/PVP balancing, rangers are already considered to be OP against clothies. If they found a way to tune the dmg up in PVE without it affecting pvp targets, im all for it.

I’ve leveled a Ranger to 80 already and haven’t had too many problems. The problem is you don’t mention at what level your ranger is at.

Pretty much at lower levels all the bow is good for is pulling targets and then you finish them off via melee. Only towards the middle levels do you get the bows and combo’s that do damage and you can pretty much forget about having to fall back on melee.

One thing to remember about ranger combo’s is even though you don’t get the arrow boxes to do a combo with, you actually do have the up/down/angle keys (white attacks) you need to use to increase the combo’s damage amount.

Plus the use of the various traps the ranger get’s allows them to stay out of melee range and kill their targets.

Also if you look in the General Feats area you’ll see there are DPS add’s you can take to increase your output.

Yes that why i Say need pve dps . I know in PVP its the Damge ok

I don’t Pvp at all and all my advice is for PvE.

In single target fights, ranger dps is pretty much fine. What is very annoying however is the Master Trapper mechanic, which forces to be very close to melee range to get the max dps.
Now, to replace it with a flat +weapon damage would be lame, I’d rather have something like the barb Reaver buff, with a chance to increase stacks on every hit, or the Ritualistic Bloodshed of the DT, to push a button every 10-15 seconds (which is something that must be done anyway for the Master Trapper buff).

It would be good if you as a ranger could set your traps at a distance, Or another damage over time combo more would be good

I usually drop my leg hold with the fire trap, fall back some more and drop the knock back one and then start the fight.

It helps to take the increase range feats and then learn just how close you can get and still be out of argo range to set every thing up.

Ranger has that tag on it yes and the only classes doing lower DPS than ranger is BS and Guardian. Having done over 2000dps on Saddur in T4 with Khitai gear with T4 bow I can’t say ranger DPS is that terrible - but it does require a good group setup (which usually isn’t productive to provide because other classes fit that group better).

Bear Shaman and Barb buffs affecting both melee and ranged DPS which would actually fix the problem in itself.

When it came up in those class tweaks I suggested the ability to detonate traps and have deft stabs give some kind of PvE damage buff so melee weapon swapping would make the rotation interesting at least rather than the boring up/down/bleed up/down/pen shot to rotation to eternity, but was ignored on that and it’s not changing now. Obviously the best thing would be to just revert the class to 2010 and tweak from there.

Ranger dps is very high, also this class really good improve group/raid damage.

Another option could be to let the dots crit, but only against mobs. That would improve the PvE dps without affecting PvP.

yea, sure. but now your yard time is over, time to get back to your asylum cell. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More on topic, ranger single target DPS is fine considering how easy the class is. Allowing DOT’s to crit does affect PVP, so that’s not a workable solution imo.

Yes you can’t buff ranged damage, any workable solution has to come from buffing close range damage (and I don’t necessarily using mean melee combos), but it’s 4 to late to bother discussing it.

in fact, i suggested to enable the dots to crit only against mobs. i’m reasonably sure that there’s another ability in the game that crits only against mobs, even though i don’t remember which now.

but as Evito said, it’s just speculation. i don’t really think the devs will do anything about it…

They won’t do anything to it and honestly I doubt they even have the coding knowledge to figure out how to enable that only on NPC’s haha