Rangerdanger PvE Guide

“A rangers max range is 9 metres” ~ et al Cappa 2020


Decisive & Pressing, Liberation, Flanking, Deadly Draw, Clout.

Try to be on the Right/Back of Boss when doing main bulk of rotation:

Upper Left + Lower Left-> (Deadly Draw (Hits Upper Left))
Upper Left + Lower Left-> Move Directly Behind Boss → (Pen Shot (Hits Upper)).

Repeat until dead or you fall asleep.
Always keep master trapper up with the trap rotation, you can use the cooldown of the last one to know when to trigger the next (27sec).

This ensures you never hit a shield and do max DPS as a lot of a rangers DPS comes from the white hits. (Even if you can’t see shield, no shields will ever be on the bosses back)
For bosses where you can not move around the boss …just do the rotation and use your brain on where the shields are not.


  • Use Mark For Death and Marked Target and Liberation Together before you begin rotation start. (Means 5x stacks by the time you get to Pen Shot & Shattering Attack)

  • Pop Advantage before Pen Shot . I prefer Shattering and Focused Fire in T5/T6, and Shattering and Fire Attack in T4 and below (including dungeons).

  • Liberation for the Combat Rating boost and also handy as CC escape for one shot mechanics.

  • Remember Pen Shot is column damage, so if you have adds, you can help if positioned correctly and targeting the furthest add away.

Congratulations, you are now a strong Ranjoor.



I would have let this slide but then you went and put “use brain” in a ranger guide .WTF.

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I never said how much brain :smiley:

lovely class, you can play with one hand and eat a sandwich with the other hand \o/


ok dad.

Nice guide!

Since many people don’t know or don’t use it, I think Shift+Tab would be good to add as a note. It should be a mention in any guide for classes that do a lot of damage with their column attacks if you ask me.

While the description says ‘Target Previous Enemy’ Shift+Tab actually targets the furthest target which is still in range without having to click it with your mouse.

9/10 times this will be the target you want to aim your column at for optimal damage when there are multiple enemies. In many fights optimal targeting can increase your damage by a lot on classes like pom/tos/demo and I imagine it would be very useful for rangers with their penetrating shot/quick shot as well.


Honestly, that’s the first time I have been told that, thank-you :smiley:

Will be a massive help.

Grandpa is the proper term.
Found this rare picture of Mystygga


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