T6 -PvP Hit Rating

T6 armour gives a dps advantage in PvP, especially if the enemy team has no magic users or they don’t focus those wearing it. T6 gives a lot of armour and spell penetration but you lose quite a lot of protection. The thing is in most cases I see mages and sins using it, who are not that much at risk, at least from melees, and they still have the same armour as with PvP gear, while most melees just can’t wear T6 armour because casters will kill them very fast.

Each T6 armour piece should have -200 PvP Hit Rating, making at least 6-8 pieces (biggest buff) useless in PvP, keeping it for where it belongs: PvE.


+1 If Vets have trouble with PvE/ PvP armor imbalance plus all the PvE stuff someone can use in Minigames Runes etc. i just can’t imagine how someone who just enters PvP in this game is going to have any chance of competitive PvP. Rarely having myself. (This has nothing to do with K/D ratio since that’s not the objective of minigames anyway).

AA gap is still manageable in time, skill comes with trial and error as well, but active Stats on equipment…
T4-T5-T6 gear’’ lacks absolutely nothing in terms of stats and someone who can fill the minor -PvP gap they have, gains an advantage even against Veteran players.

PvP gear no matter the tier is balanced!

how about adding -500 pvp hit rating to each raid finder ring while we’re at it?

You actually don’t lose a whole lot of protection on casters. T6 on sin/demo/necro is strictly better than PvPT3, especially if you already have raidfinder rings to make up for the lost prot, as well as t3 crafted weapons with bonus protection.

These threads come up a lot. We cannot realistically expect FunCom to edit stats on gear anymore. I suggest you join the pvplevelup community or join organized pvp events if you’re tired of t6.

However, I will say that I think it’s a little hypocritical to only mention t6 without also mentioning how broken raidfinder rings are. Melee characters scale to insane levels with raidfinder rings + t5/t3 craft weapons.

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I’m fine with adding -PvP Hit Rating to RF prot rings too. It was absurd they didn’t have it while the PvE versions did when released.

But we can’t use T6 weapons, or Kuthchemes weapons, in PvP, at least the 2h, but then you can wear full T6 armour giving you +1250 armour penetration +875 spell penetration, making necros and sins hit like a truck. Necros just stay away and kite while they do a lot more damage, and sins have their tools vs magic, making their low protection a very small matter. You can try convincing your teammates that use magic to focus those in T6 but I don’t think most will even understand.

If we can’t use the weapons, then why can we use the armour, especially when it gives such an advantage to certain classes?

I just got back to the game after many many years. Have spent some time reading up on Runes, RF rings and T6 gear. Does anyone really think that Funcom even for a second thought about what these things would mean for PVP? I would say no, clearly not, and to think they will do anything to try and balance things is wishful thinking at best and delusion at worst.

I believe RF rings are bigger problem than t6 sins/mages since they are fresh meat if you can land a single combo

I hate to break it to you, but the Kuth weapons are actually strong on casters in PvP as well. The hit rating isn’t that big of a deal. Nightmare fuel is full t6 casters with kuth weapons.

And to put it in perspective, necros in full t6 still have roughly 40% magic protection. So no, they are not “weak to magic damage”.

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Meh most kuth weapons are trash in pvp, maybe with the exception of the shield of tos/pom that you could argue it’s kinda ok because of the insane amount of armour on it, but i still believe the pvp10 shield is overall better.

That being said T6 is still a pub stomper set that only works because people play bad. But if you’re gonna smash it into the ground there’s plenty of ways you can do it with pvp magic dmg/combat rating, protection, armour, hit rating.

But i kinda like people being punished for playing like sh*t so i would rather the set not be nerfed.


It is a big deal when I use the T6 or Kutchemes greatsword in PvP because I miss all hits. And I already heard Hit Rating doesn’t affect casters before, which blew my mind. Maybe this should be fixed as well, because why can casters forget about Hit Rating and melees not?

Let’s see: RF rings are always mentioned when someone talks about balance, yet these are something EVERYONE can get with just some grind, easily, so in the end everyone uses them, whereas T6 armour is only accessible to very few people, so I think it can’t be considered meta, unlike RF rings, and especially when T6 armour gives a lot more dps and makes physical dpsers useless against it, while these take more damage from the ranged in T6.

It may be a pub stomper and not everyone is a good PvPer to react to people in T6 armour, but that doesn’t justify that a few select people lucky to be in a top PvE guild can do more dps in PvP with their new T6 armour, and, in most cases, it’s classes that, if played properly, can barely be touched and top kills easily.

If I wear Warded Brute with Chromatic Warding on my conq I still have less prot and don’t do more dps, and if I wear Great Impi I’ll do more dps but will be destroyed easily by magic, because I have to get close to kill while the usual T6 ranged shoot from afar and if in danger they just kite with the help of their team. Of course I’m talking pub balance, because that’s what Crom has in terms of PvP, and in my opinion T6 armour should be unusable in it, maybe with insane -Combat Rating, Magic Damage, etc. since Hit Rating means nothing to casters.

If I remember correctly, as a caster your target resists your spells more often if you have low hit rating. It’s basically the counterpart to missing a melee hit.
The only difference is that many classes have more evade chance (due to Dex) than immunity chance (which is its counterpart for spells and is not increased by Int), which makes you need more hit rating as a melee player than as a caster player.

Hit rating definitely works on casters, especially early in the game with low hit rating your targets often resist spells. In PvP it might be different though, people generally have more hit rating at that point and as I said, the difference in the amount of evade and immunity chance is most likely rather big in some cases.

RF rings take like 1.5 years to get?
full t6 set can be done within 3 months. Not being able to get t6 is l2p excuse
What about exile rune than? It isn`t accessible at all now no matter what


Melees get glancing blows (and IIRC rangers too) which mean pitiful damage (it’s like the opposite of a crit roll). Casters either hit or don’t. I think that’s the only reason hit rating feels like it matters more on melees.

I’ve tried -500 and -1000 hit rating with melees and damage was overall godawful and very inconsistent because of the glancing blows + occasional misses (not nearly as many as I expected, for the latter).

That was on pvp 10 with RF rings and at least 1 +hit rating perk, so I had a lot of hit rating to begin with. With double hit rating perks you can have positive hit rating even with -1000 but it doesn’t really fix the problem (and you sacrifice crit chance or something else for that).

This is a misconception. T6 is not ‘worse’ or ‘only good in pubs’ on certain classes. Specifically, t6 necro is the most absurd and powerful gearset in the game. Necro gets a bunch of crazy prot in its’ feat trees, and combined with t3 craft, can easily get 41-43% prot (probably more) with a full t6 gearset. Combine that with increased damage, higher constitution, and increased armor, there’s not really an argument that it’s worse in any way. You mention that people ‘playing bad’ is the reason t6 is better, but the classic way to punish casters is with strong push lineups. How is t6 ‘worse’ against push lineups if it has higher survivability vs melee and more damage (so life tap is healing more)?


There are some pieces that have less con, but the 3 big ones give such a large boost you end up with increased hp.

I have yet to see any reasonable proof that it’s ‘pub stomp only’. I’ll counter your claim with another: I think people being so used to being absurdly tanky with RF rings, and their play degenerating, is why the opinion that ‘t6 is only good in pub stomps’ exists.

You literally only lose tenacity, and based on the fact that my necro on crom crits people with ice strike for 800 damage with full pvpt3, I sincerely doubt that tenacity is very important.


Meh maybe, either way I’m not gonna restart this discussion since it’s useless considering funcom isn’t going to change anything.
Though I will say this, a reason why necro can have such high prot while using t6 is because of getting 1000 prot and 1400 armour from just the rings + weapon slot and that has nothing to do with the t6 gear.

You can get the epic version of the rings which are very good too: one with the quest and the other dropping in Chaos. If lucky with the drop, in one month or less.

If I have written this thread it’s because I remember how Funcom fixed Ranger’s Running Shot, among other small fixes, and added Kuthchemes, all relatively recently. I had hopes a small fix like adding negative stat to T6 armour wouldn’t be so difficult, and it wouldn’t affect it for PvE at all.

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+4 gems
on top of that, you can`t get Serpent scale from the quest on 3/4 archetypes in game