PvP balancing is ruining this game

Every decent item has been so badly nerfed that it’s not even worth making most of the dungeon weapons and armours.

The abysal armour set hasn’t even got a chance to be used out in the real world and it’s already been gutted to the point that i probably won’t even bother making it.

I can’t understand what the problem with it was. Everyone was complaint it’s too cheap and too strong. So what?!? All that would have done was encourage more PvP. But all of the “Alpha” pvpers would’ve actually had some competition. Instead of blocking anyone from getting these feats for themselves and raiding sandstone bases, just so they can stay on top.

I’m disappointed to say the least. Didn’t even get a chance to play with it.

Could’ve atleast released it as was and then nerfed it down the line FC.


To be fair this one was disliked by many PvErs as well who claimed that there is no point in playing half of the content with this item being the way it is. Generally, I am with you here but for this specific item you can’t place the blame to the vocal PvPers as PvErs are equally guilty.


Agree with Narelle. Meta has no allegiance to just PVP. It affects PVE as well and that armor was THE meta. Every single person in the game would be running around in it regardless of server type. The changes weren’t a nerf from what I heard. It wasn’t a reduction but a negative that was added…corruption. This makes the armor specific for sorcerers which kinda makes sense for an armor that you get from the realms of demons. Anything that adds more diversity is a good thing and removing meta adds diversity.

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How? They would have used it aswell.


Oh…very devious idea percolating up…how about gear that you can only use if you have under 200 foundations and 20 placeables? :smiling_imp: If you are built up, you don’t get access to them.


The abyssal armor and weapons were made to better balance the playing field between squishy sorcerers and non sorcerers. It makes complete sense that they added corruption to it since you have to be a sorcerer to even craft it. Also it was more than likely the dev’s intention to do this in the first place.


That would been stupid A F :rofl:

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I mostly aimed it a PvPers because of the testlive discussion feed about it. PVE was never really mentioned.

Ok nerf was a strong word. The continuous timer seems really bogus to me. And you only get corruption by using the weapons.
I would’ve been happy with the corruption requirements. I even suggested it in the discussion. But the continuous timer bugs.
Feels like it will be an extra headache, when you can just wear other armour anyways.

Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Exactly. They’d be on an equal footing. They don’t like that :joy:

Yup, and then they come here and call themselves “vets” like that has some meaning. The Kings of Nerf is what they are. People who study the game and have a vision and a real-life steak in it ( @den ) design these wonderful things and these self proclaimed “vets” and youtubers who actually got nothing going start pretending to know something and throwing around the “balance” word - as if they knew wtf they were talking about. And we all have to live with the outcome. It’s sad… But in the name of “listening to the players” FC continues to make this mistake.

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I mean, ehm. Pretty much the same now? Not that hard to get silent legion + dragonhide


That’s a very fair point, as we speak I’ve just finished crafting a redeemed set on official PvP. Not everyone can though. And they rarely get a chance to do the dungeons if they’re always blocked lol.

It’s not just the armor tho. There’s another thread asking to nerf the lighting storm, and another to buff the thralls, another to nerf pets, another to nerf the ice bridge, another to “rebalance” horses, another to buff ladders OMFG… and another to… well, you get the idea.

It’s ridiculous!

People are even asking for nerfs that will affect NOTHING - like the scores of threads of people asking for a build-piece limit. I hope Funcom catches on soon! It was one of the first political comments I made here when I came in about a year ago: Companies that “listen to their players” too much too often end up producing a VERY dull and boring game! It’s one thing if you’re WoW or Diablo with multiple millions of players… alienating a third or half the playerbase is expensive but it won’t kill you… It’s another thing when there’s only 300,000 or so players… you’ll doom yourselves - AND produce a boring dull game.

If @Funcom really needs to “listen to their players” my hope would be that they listen to the ones telling them NOT to listen to their players! Trust your designer(s)… that’s what you’re paying them the big bucks for!


So as a PvPer i most certainly take issue with some ignorant statements made in this thread. Im not sure if pvE players dont realize this but pvP players probably do way more pvE content than you give us credit for, and we’re most likey better and more efficient at it than most pvE players. Does this proclomation upset youre delicate sensabilities? It probably does but it is a rational statement. Think about how much farming( pvE content) pvP players have to do in order to maintain a base or to attack an enemy base. Bomb materials ( brim, crystal, tar, stone for jars), zeal for god bubbles every 2 days, zeal for god tokens, fragments of power from un named city boss encounters, thrall leveling , base mats , aloe, etc, etc. Not only all these things, we need to be quick and efficient as we need these items before the next raid time and make it back to base without getting ganked by roaming enemy players. All these things and more should allow pvP players a pretty prominent say in pvE related conversations. PvP players also have a better understanding of how combat mechanics and the intricacies of weapons and armor and how they perform against NPCs as well as players, so yes, when pvP players call for nerfs or buffs its probably because we know what we are talking about. You may have enjoyed easy mode the past year spamming feroxic daggers, but that got old within the first 2 months.
Now lets talk about this abyssal armor. The added corruption this set now provides is such a great decision on the dev team. This armor now isnt just the only option period, which it was before, all benefit, no down side. There is now actually pros and cons for what was obviously an OP must use set. This is and has been the major problem of the Siptah sets, all positives, 0 negatives. If you werent using serpent gloves, boots, and goblin helmet…well i guess you like playing with a dis advantage. If you really need the abyssmal armor set to give you a crutch then id argue youre just not a good player period and you might as well play offline in god mode or with all the sliders set for youre advantage. Ontop of that the armor wasnt even lootable, taking away a tremendous part of the pvP. Its incredibly satisfying snagging youre enemies kit off the ground and slowly widdling down their resources. The armor takes almost nothing to craft thus making it a negligable loss and promotes unrewarding gameplay.
In closing, pvPers are better at pvE than pvE only players. Sorry, but facts.

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Yeah, all PVP players play PVE content, but the vast majority of you have a drastically different approach from an average PVE player.

Just read your last sentence in the quote above: your focus is on being as efficient as possible with your PVE play in order to be competitive in your PVP play.

There are exceptions, of course. There always are. I’m sure there are PVP players who enjoy PVE content in the same ways as PVE players. But after all this time on the forums, I’ve seen an overwhelming body of evidence that those PVP players are a minority.

So the real ignorance here comes from those PVP players who keep asserting that PVP is a superset of PVE because all PVP players have to play PVE content too. Most of you guys don’t have fun the same way we do and we all need to start acknowledging that.


I agree with you here, there are a lot of toxic pvP players in this game that truely dont care about how pvE players enjoy the game. However quite a few of us offer our suggestions not to ruin the game for pvErs but to hopefuly make a overall better experience for both sides. An armor set that gives bonuses to all stats, is light, over 1k armor, costs almost nothing to make and cant be looted on death and has no percieved down sides just seems like an overall negative towards the pvP side and completly limits how players put their builds together. I am really looking forward to trying to configure my armor setups now that they have a new stat bonus system and for pvPers the unchanged abyssal just seemed like a one size fits all brain dead choice, whicj is how siptah gear has been aince its release, its just objectively the best options.
I definitely dont want to dunk on pvErs but some changes just need to be made, daggers are a good example. Yes they are a great choice for pvE bleed and poison buildup to help fight strong enemies, but literally the pvP application is just simply braindead and boring, almost no skill. A naked player with 0 strength can kill a siptah kitted player using poison infused stone daggers , add in laggy servers and the chance of killing increases. Nerfing feroxic daggers may not be the best choice but they will still be viable in PvE content and less of a nuisance in pvP. Personally i would have liked to see poison /bleed damage scale off of Survival, or now ,expertise but thats not the route FC decided to go.
My original point is that hardcore PVP players should have a voice because bad development choices are REALLY felt in pvP. This new expansion seems like theres going to be a lot of great additions and chanhes for pvE and pvP alike and some potentially really questionable things too but time will tell.

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IMO that’s the problem right there in a nutshell.

There are few or no “bad development choices”… there are only choices which you don’t particularly like. That don’t fit your current playstyle. That aren’t convenient for you to adopt. The designers have something in mind and it’s not matching up with your ideal.

No thank you! I wanna play Funcom’s game not yours, not mine, not a PvPer’s and not a PvEer’s - Funcom’s!

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Its not just “mine” its a lot of players. And as much as i have enjoyed funcom games for the past 22 years, funcom doesnt always get things right…and thats putting a nice spin on it. Funcom needs OUR input. We invest OUR time and OUR money. We have a say.

Like the guy who get’s caught speeding and tells the cop: “You work for me!!!” . LOL
Karens abound… Where’s your manager?!? I know the law, let me read you The Constitution! Right here!

Oh that’s me. He’s talking about me.

While I agree with most you wrote…this is where I very much disagree. Yeah pvp can farm efficiently…but that’s like saying you can down an 80year McClellan to get drunk faster… understand the point? There is no enjoyment of what you are partaking in, it’s just a means to the end…in this analogy, to get drunk…it the game to pvp. But 80% of your play isn’t pvp and you just bypass that as just working it…in the analogy, you aren’t savoring the flavors and the care taken on that drink…Enjoying the smokey flavor. The game is more than just one element and we agree there…but I in a very small minority to savor it all.

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personally i feel with such a small dev team the project manager should have focused their energy on one area and not try to be all things to all people, even billion dollar dev teams struggle with that.

take that for what its worth. ($0)