Abyssal Armor too broken/Overpowered

The new Abyssal Armor are too broken/Overpowered.
Its the best armor in the game currently on Testlive.
Cost nothing to craft compared to other armors.
Cant be looted by other players if killed (in PVP)
And its light and the armor value is completely crazy ???
Everyone are gonna only use this armor if it goes live.
And it can’t be transmogged/illusioned ? :frowning:
Makes no sense to me. Maybe you, Funcom, should rework this a little ? :smiley:


100% agree. That makes all the other armors absolutely useless and you really don’t need any armorer anymore! Very stupid and boring game decision/design at all! I really hope they will remove the armor or make it at least not that stupid OP at all! As it’s also soooooooo easy to craft!



i kinda like you that you cannot transmog that armor, so everyone sees the kind of armor you have so they decide that is not worth engaging because if you kill them, you cannot loot them.

but i agree with everything you say, its the only armor that gives you 3 differents stats an on top of that it has heavy armor values but its light.

this NEEDS a serius nerf so we can talk about using crafted armor again.

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Yeah im not looking forward to pvping this time around with that armor… its a cool concept in theory, but once you figure out how it will affect gameplay its tedious and not fun, you essentially have to carry multiple sets of it or stop whatever your doing every half hour to kill 7 things to make it full again, and theres no reason to use anything else

On a kinda of funny but sad note, i feel like skirmishes in pvp are gonna go like this:

Holy shet! The deer just spawned back in quickly kill it befpre their team gets the bonus time!

yup agree the armour needs nerfing it completely voids all other armours

thankfully you can’t carry more than one set and its lost on death, but if its duration runs low unequiping it stops the timer ticking down, and killing something even with it unequiped refreshes its duration

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They always make something over powered now all you’ll see is abysmal armour in pvp, what’s the point of any dlcs, buying their micro transactions if you can get that armour for free and it’s way more op than any other armour and it’s cheap af to make lmao funcom so weird with their thinking

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