Abyssal armor no nerf and other thoughts

Yes i realize this is gonna have a lot of people say oh my god are you crazy but hear my out and try not to do a whole TLDR on me because i’m gonna kinda break this down step by step.

So the first major thing is that the armor provided is exceptionally strong potentially one of the best in game i did not do the full math for armor values. It is light armor as well which is amazing. Now i need to point out that the people using this will be heavily corrupted. Meaning potentially 40-50% corruption. They have half the hp they normally would i think the cap you can reach is 500 hp. and like 100ish stam and that isn’t using full abyssal. Meaning you are probably gonna land around 75 or so stam. and 375-400 hp. With a high pen weapon thats not a big deal most people run things like heavy armor with comporable protection the only difference is these guys move a little faster and have a full dodge roll. But probably less than half your stamina.

  1. The stat bonuses from this weapon. they add 50% extra Agi and Strength damage keep in mind these players are heavily corrupted meaning they cannot attack nearly as frequently and may miss which means the damage they can do is theoretical. Yeah some of these swings could hurt alot. a heavy steel axe doing something like 72 damage instead of 48. Problem is dude can only swing it 3 times max and the weapons taht do that kind of damage are slow and easy to dodge. Meaning you can bait out their stam with ease and then destroy them in combat. Secondly in regards to stats. It provides 120HP probably more like 60 to 80 due to corruption. and 15 stamina 7 to 9 due to corruption. Meaning this is really not as much as it looks. Finally it adds 60 carry weight. Great doesn’t help much in combat but nice is for out and about work.

  2. perhaps the most important part this thing has a timer. meaning if you are not a constant murderhobo this armor will vanish and leave you naked. It is not hard to kill things but still this armor can vanish.

  3. For you pvp concerned individuals like i am. This armor cannot be looted or handed off in any way that i have found. thus only sorcerers can use it rendering it useless to all other entities. Great thing too seeing as it would have been exceptionally more powerful in an uncorrupted individuals hands.

  4. For those of you freaking out about how cheep this thing is. please keep in mind you payed the cost of corruption, the table, the power circle, the nearly 20 research pages and the costs of this research to be able to even unlock crafting this item which totals out astronomically more than any other armor that i am aware of in game! it is by no means cheap. Yeah the final creation is cheaper than you might expect but getting there is expensive as heck.

  5. I think the whole abyssal set need a complete rework from top to bottom. I am not saying make it less powerful. I am saying that it is ill suited to the theme and the wearer of the armor. You will be heavily corrupted so extra combat power really doesn’t make you any stronger because you can’t do much already 50% of nearly nothing is still nearly nothing. 120 hp being cut down to 60 and 15 stam to 7 means these stats really don’t do you any favors either. the only useful stats on it are the 12% follower damage and the 60 carry weight. Both of which are nice but don’t do a ton of favors for the price you’ve paid to get where you are. the armor as it sits is more like a badge of office.

What i think needs to be done with the abyssal armor.
Remove the extra damage entirely. We don’t really need it. The whole Theme of sorcery doesn’t lend itself to direct damage and remove the stamina and the health bonuses. They are probably gonna be halved on you anyway and it makes them pointless. Instead make these into something useful. While wearing the armor allow us full access to our HP and Stam bars. Allowing us to partake in combat again or at least flee and try to survive. Because as it sits if you catch a sorcerer he is probably gonna die he cannot out run you and cannot out fight you due to his low stam and hp pool. Second allow the first and second level spells as part of a set bonus. (To encourage full wearing of the armor.) (1 and second level spells meaning anything requiring a burlap or cloth pouch) To be cast without components Most of these have no offensive value save for 1 or 2 and they aren’t super deadly But it will allow for the utility spells to be used more frequently.

These changes should make the armor valuable to sorcerers and reduce concerns of PVP oriented players as well as they don’t provide extra combat stats. It also provides a degree of desire for the users to make this armor and wear all of it as well as have it actually benifit the wear within the theme that it was meant to be used in.

I’d just like to point out that my main concern with the abyssal armor is whether or not we end up in a situation where all the sorcerers out there feel forced into using it because it so outshines other armors when your corruption level is maxed out.

It’s a separate issue to how it stacks up against other players who may or may not be corrupted, mind you. I mean pretty much being forced to use that armor over others because you’re just generally too weak if you don’t.

That’s probably something that would take a lot more time and general use to feel out than jumping into the Testlive and getting hit a few times. But it’s something to keep in mind when discussing balance changes for it.

I agree that is does end up being the defacto sorcerer armor. But honestly to make to make it less powerful would really only kind screw over sorcerers. You’d probably need to tinker with other armors to make them more useable. But yeah i get where you are coming from.

you don’t have to be corrupted to use that armor


You may need corruption to make it, Though if corruption is not needed to make nor is it needed to wear. Then i would say a corruption requirement of 40% is needed. As it is exceptionally powerful to uncorrupted persons.


hmm that might work then, i wouldnt dislike it, if it was only for corrupted people

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Not sure I like the idea of a corruption requirement to wear it, since it kind of plays into the concern I mentioned earlier.

At any rate, I went ahead and checked some of the details you mentioned as they currently stand on testlive.

You do not need corruption to make it. You’ll get a small burst of corruption for doing so, but that can easily be cleansed. You do not need corruption to wear it either. Nor will you gain corruption using it.

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Its currently very strong, cheap to make and while it does have a time limit, killing things, it slowly regins that time back. Acid weapons melt it very fast, every hit, knocks off a few mins. Im personally concerned that it just becomes the meta and every one feels like they have to use it.

I would say require full 50% corruption to wear it. If it stays in its current form, the problem is no other armor comes close to it in stats… right now everyones gonna use it and chug away all corruption from it… essentially forcing all pvpers in it… it cant be mogged (so mogging then becomes a useless feature) it cant be kitted(so why should we farm good crafters first thing on a server?) as far as build diversity (this will be gone now) since you can now stack agi str and split the last between grit and vit and still have the highest armor and largest amount of buffs, essentially erasing what funcom was trying to do with this update(several viable builds)

EDIT: keep in mind wile the flat stat buffs of str and agi are minor, the perks still work on all weapons

The fact that it goes away and cant be taken is sortof balanced, but the risk vs rewards for pvp is a bit off, i would also say make it more expensive, that way its more of a gamble for the user

Yeah im very excited to finally use my DLC armors… or was… lol

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No. In it’s current state EVERYONE will use it. And those who do not are stupid or do not know about it.

My balance suggestion was, that this armor stays as it is, but it will instantly give you 50% corruption all the time. So people who want to run corruption builds can use this armor and are not affected by a nerf.

Maybe half the bonus damage provided to 25%. If corrupted STR builds do way too much damage with it.

Oh and increase crafting cost. At least epic perfected heavy x5.


I would make sure the corruption is required, otherwise people will remove it after equipped


Yeah it should reapply the corruption all the time just like some weapons already do.


After playing on testlive for a bit instead of just farting around in single player, it does take longer to get the sorcerous recipes than it seems at first.
But, you are wrong in that it requires corruption to wear/use. Once someone has the recipe they can slap down a dancer on the portal, summon a set of armor, get their corruption removed, and roll out.
Since your argument is that being 40% corrupted makes up for the armor being OP it kinda falls apart when that isn’t the case.
Would it be better if it was like the blackheart weapons where it forces corruption onto you for wearing it? Yes.
But even then it’s still stupid.
I’ve done the math and the costs between making actual alchemical armor vs abyssal armor is insane.

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I can live with 50% but i still don’t really feel like it fits the theme of sorcery? Not sure why they would make a sorcery armor revolving around combat so heavily. But yeah based off what people are saying if it can be worn by non corrupted individuals it certainly does need to be changed as that will end it being to meta. Giving them access heavy armor protection light armor stamina consumption and the stat bonuses while being uncorrupted are much more powerful. Corruption seems to be the easiest way to do this. Even if it is just the armor corrupts the wearer constantly over time meaning there is no way around it but to remain corrupted. I mean it is demon armor after all so it would make sense.

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Not sure which one is the alchemical armor all i know is it took me days to reach the point i could craft it as a solo and thats on a no raid enabled everyone leaving me alone and so on litterally had everything and its grandma going for me. I figure it would take longer naturally. But again if it doesn’t require corruption it really should. I can get behind that. I still think the armor does infact need a rework not a nerf as it doesn’t fit the theme. Which was really my main arguement to begin with. Yeah the armor is really powerful for combat but it doesn’t do much for sorcery in all honesty.

id still say a full rework to bring it more inline with the theme of sorcery . Sorcery doesnt’ have a ton of combat options and i don’t think the armor should really reflect combat so hard. At the last bit i mentioned that it should focus on improviing sorcery and making it even more useful.

Didn’t know acid weapons did that but thats hilarious. Basically melts it right off your back. Aint great but it is good to know

Since base armor sets are crafted with twine, leather, and iron, I call it iron armor.
Since perfected armor sets (I think it’s called) requires alchemical base to make hardened leather, layered silk/fur, twine, and anything from iron to hardened steel to make, I call it Alchemical armor.

I do like the IDEA of the Abyssal armor and weapons. Especially for solo players. Something cheap and easy to make that lets them hang with people running end-game gear.
But it shouldn’t be as good or better than armor that takes longer to make and requires so much of a time investment to make it.

So on it needing to be reworked instead of nerfed, we can agree on that.

As additional information, here’s the comparison and cost I figured out between the Abyssal armor and a current meta kit.

Just to make a current meta pvp set of armor at its cheapest you have to be level 55 and you’ll need:
1 Garrison Armorer’s Bench
1 Shieldwright Armorer for +171 armour value
67 layered silk (134 alchemical base + 268 silk)
75 layered fur (150 alchemical base + 150 fur)
35 feline pelt
15 twine
15 thick hide
6 dragonbone
44 starmetal bars

To make an Abyssal armor set you can be any level so long as you have the recipe and you’ll need:
1 Summoning Circle
1 Sacrificial Stone
1 Sacrificial Blood filled flask
1 heavy padding
10 demon blood

And if you compare a current meta stats kit to the Abyssal armor set in 3.0 it’s laughable.

Meta kit: 436 armor value (if made with a shieldwright and bulk plating) for a light set of armor, and it weighs 28.85 or 41% with no points in encumbrance.
Helm: +28 hp
Breastplate: +8 strength
Gloves: +48 hp
Leggings: +5 strength
Boots: +28 hp
Can be looted upon death.

Abyssal set: 1,120 armor value for a light set of armor that weighs 0
Helm: +10% strength, +10% agility, +12% follower damage
Breastplate: +10% strength, +10% agility, +60 health
Gloves: +10% strength, +10% agility, +30 carry capacity
Legs: +10% strength, +10% agility, +60 health
Boots: +10% strength, +10% agility, +15 stamina
And it despawns upon death so no one else can loot it.

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The solution is to not nerf, but add more sorcerer-based armor as a variety. Or else sorcerers need something to tinker with to overwrite bonuses on other armor with something to benefit them.

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