Abyssal weapon is really cool idea

I think I understand why abyssal thing are so cheap
It’s all for pvp, instead of grinding resources for equip you can just summon it and run to fight so don’t need to farm and craft a lot
So there is question: can we see more abyssal weapons and armors or it will be just a few recepies?
What you think guys? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


The point of decaying equipment is that people will focus in battles and not inventories.
Why should I steal a weapon that will decay in 10 min?
All the pvp players will be powerful but practically loose nothing on a fight leaving only the satisfaction of the battle!!!
Pvp players grind more than pve, trust me :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I remember my teammates talking funny in the vocal from the nonstop grinding, literally for hours!!!
To the topic, I don’t know the variety of weapons(sorcery) that exists now, but I believe that in the future we will have more.

When legendaries were the prime weapons pvp mentality had a issues!!!
People (simple players) afraid to use them not to loose them.
The one who were using them, if it happened to be a skilled player had a huge advantage HUGE.
Players could use the vermin hide set, back then (before Siptah) 2 armor pieces only, light, to give you +14 attribute points was massive. Still the rarity and fear of loss was always a great hold back. I do understand what @SirDaveWolf say about coloring the new sorcery set, he is 100% accurate and I totally agree.
Pvp community flooded with messages less pve to pvp, so there we are :man_shrugging:.
Yet I am pretty certain complains won’t stop :rofl::rofl::rofl:, but I believe that devs did a check mat move here, a few tweaks from feedback and finally it’s going to be perfect. I will see how it goes and maybe I will go back too, I kinda like it :wink:.


The weapons this one hopes to see a bit more variety. They are cheap, like life, literally as one of the components requires sacrificing someone on the altar. They decay, but that timer resets as you kill.
So having a few other combat styles supported would be nice.

The armour, on the other hand, that’s just a touch much for this one’s tastes. Also, light armour made with heavy padding? What fell Magicka are thes- oh… yeah.


I like summonable weapons as long as they balanced against all the other weapons. Meta battles get stale quick and then I leave if I am in the mood for a fight for a different game to have variety. Same gear, same weapons, same everything big turn off for fighting glory. Right at the moment Funcom needs to look out for Disney suing them for the copyright for the name Clone Wars. Lets see how long they can keep the fighting fresh with 3.0.

Yes! I wanna see more styles too! And perhaps similar but different attributes as well.


As far as trying to “balance” (I frigging hate that word in this context!!!) the armor or weapons with previous items, Nope!!! Terrible idea!!! Go away all yee who fear change! You outliers and criers of metathesiophobia! Be gone you workers of chaos and iniquity! :smiley:

Love the end there LOL. Hey, all balance doesn’t need to just merely the damage of a weapon or the resistance of whatever damage. Balance can be made in drawbacks, costs, penalties, or other fun possibilities to spice it up.

Sword of Crom was an over the top example of this in one of its purest forms. Want to weald the weapon of a god ? Beware it seems to be a bit heavy there when you swing it (gods swing hard as though it seems as their weapons).

Want the power ? Pay for it for with risks, pain, (your life?), gear melts from the power. You get the point . The scales can be balanced in many creative ways.

I think the developers need to add abyssal bases, and abyssal bombs. Also abyssal avatars. And all for free, I’m sure it would be awesome. Or not.

Would rise an eyebrow or two.

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