Feedback Abyssal Armor/Corruption build

Hey Everyone,

I wanna give some quick feedback on the Abyssal armor+Corrupted build.

I tested a corrupted build+armor for a couplehundred hours now on official and private pvp servers…
And my Conclusion is: Dissapointing to barely viable.

There is a number of problems, that needs to be adressed to make Corruptionbuilds viable:

  1. The abyssal Armor needs serious buffs to try to compensate for the Corruption, i think thats what it was intended to do right? For example each piece of the Armor should give the 60hp, not just 2 pieces.
    Secondly every piece should give you the 15 stam not just the boots.
    360hp and 97 Stam is what you currently do have with Armor in a somewhat pvp viable build.
    With the added bonuses i mentioned you would have 450hp and 127 stam, wich is still problematicly low… but it would be a start.
  2. There is not much room to move your attribute points arround, you are pretty much set to play 20 strenght-19corrupted/20Vit-19corrupted/20 Grit. Its necessary to skill 20 Grit for Steel thewed and the Stamina, else you are literrly 2shot by everyone.
  3. You should hit like a truck but you simply dont, i do similar dmg with standart 20 strenght/20agi/20vid builds as i do with corruption build, wich is quite surprising considering the armor is supposed to give 50% weapondmg and corrupted strenght should buff your dmg further, but 20strenght+20agi can easily keep up with 19 corrupted strenght and 50% of weapondmg from the armor.
  4. There is an exception to the above stated dmg comparassion, wich is the black heart hammer. So please add more cursed weapons to the game to use for corruptionbuilds.
  5. Some of the Corrupted perks are underperforming even against their normal perk counterparts.
    Example1: Twisted Flesh, im not sure if that perk is even working, after some testing it seemed to havent procced once.
    Example2:Grotesque, seems to turn off when you get hit ? is it supposed to work only when you didnt take dmg for a while?
    Example3:The last perk of Vit, dont even know its name thats how useless it is lol, give it a flat amount of dmgreduction like 30% or so and it might be something that is useable, else nah Glutton/last stand are just so much better its insane.
    Example4: Last Strenght perk, the rngfactor of it makes it pretty much useless and unreliable, It should have a 100% procchance with a cooldown of like 10 seconds or what ever, so we can reliably use it.
    6.No combat spells exist
    Overall all strenght corruptionperks are underwhelming aside from maybe the first one dont even get me started about mule kick and wrack…

Uh… I’m pretty sure this armour and build have been balanced so that a sorceror can be at only a slight disadvantage against a warrior in combat, instead of a massive disadvantage. A warrior build should be stronger in combat than a sorceror, that’s true even in high fantasy like D&D. Especially true in Conan’s setting.

You seem to want this build to be equal to or better than a straight up uncorrupted warrior build? I don’t think that’s the design intention, or what most players would like.


In high fantasy like D&D Sorcerers do have Spells they can use in combat to make up for that.
Where are thoose spells here?
And when i spec 20vit20strenght and 20grit, i pretty much run a warrior build…
Point is there is zero reason to be a sorcerer

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The point of being a sorceror is to let 3 other blokes do the fighting for you and for you to throw various spells around to control the battlefield. More of an indirect approach, like turning invisible and planting bombs in key places.

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There are no combat spells because this is a low fantasy setting. Sorcerors in the Hyborian Age don’t learn magic to fight. They learn it so they don’t have to. Authority is the stat for sorcerors in this world.

Maybe there is zero reason to be a sorceror if you want to win a straight up fight. But that’s good, it’s how it should be. If you want to win fights don’t be sorceror. It’s one of the most basic themes of the setting. It’s not meant to be balanced in that way.

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Dont need to be a “sorc” to use Zombies, there are no spells to control the battlefield in any way that matters.

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That is your interpretation, while its quite the opposite.
Objectively a sorcerer enhances his strenght and has clearly much more of it than a regular human.

You’ve clearly never got stuck in the Zombie Mist and accidentally walked off a ledge.

You’ve clearly never been in a teamfight where your trollspell screws your own team

His strength can be magically enhanced, but underneath his body is weak and dying. Hence the reduced Vit and Grit.

And I don’t know what you mean by “objectively” but my interpretation of the place of sorcery in the Conan stories is not some weird take. It’s like the obvious moral of every Conan story with sorcery in it. If the game doesn’t reflect that then they messed up.


You’ve clearly never been in a teamfight where your trollspell screws your own team

Aha, so you do admit there are spells that can affect the battlefield in a way that matters! Granted, not always a positive way, but whatever…

Yes we getting a bit closer, he pays with vit and grit to become more powerful in other ways, also by enhancing his strength…
So why does the enhanced strength not reflect on a battlefield? You pay tankyness and you get dmg in return, its that simple.
So yes objectively they should even acording to your lore pack a punch, but they simply dont.

if they dont learn magic to fight and if auth was their only thing why would they want to enhance their strength, doesnt make sense

FC choose auth vit and strenght for a reason, its clear that they are intended to be capable fighters

Go on a pvp server or even a pve/roleplay server and ask how many people are a sorcerer, i play on a packed server 30-40 people every evening, and i am the only sorc on the whole server.

There are balanceissues if you dont see them then i dont know what to say lol

They’re intended to be able to hold their own, with zombies or followers to help them. Not to be stronger than a Conan style warrior one-on-one with swords. That’s what I think FC intended anyway.

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Dude literally said “objectively a sorcerer” like they’re real and he knows a lot of them.

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I didnt say they should be stronger, but they also shouldnt do less dmg than a “conan style warrior” when they enhance their strength.It doesnt make sense in any kind of way
There has to be a benefit to the drawbacks

And since everyone can use zombies or followers, it wont help them more than anyone else in a fight.
We didnt even start talking about the ■■■■■■ Corrupted perks lol

Yes when you have 2 people one enhances his strength and the other doesnt then its pretty clear who will have more strength

Yes, they should do less damage. Because it does make sense - corrupted strength isn’t “more” than normal strength. It’s strength that’s weird and unnatural and behaves differently from natural strength. Which is how they designed it.

Maybe you’re right that the drawbacks are too harsh. I’m not interested in playing corrupted yet so I haven’t tested it. I’m just saying that in the lore, warriors win fights. Corrupted sorcerors should be at a disadvantage in a straight-up fight against an uncorrupted character of the same level, not be on an even footing. Your advantage is you can fly on a bat and call lightning and harvest star metal in seconds. Not every build needs to be equal in PVP.


But they didnt lose any strength? you keep every single % of dmg you get from regular strength and you are supposed to get corrupted strength on top of that.
So it comes basicly down to Agility beeing a better supporttree for strength than Corrupted strength
And thats not how it should be.
And btw Corrupted Strength is a better supporttree for agility weapons than regular Strength

You might not know but you dont lose the basic attributes just because you corrupt them, they are still there and still have the same effect

IF according to lore a sorc would lose, in a 1on1 battle with a warrior they would have actual Zombies that work there?can the warrior there use zombies aswell to fight for him like in the game? are they there the worst ai possible aswell? Thats why the lore shouldnt define the balance of a game, else you see what happens… Age of sorcery where probably not even 5% of the playerbase are sorcerers because its an unbalanced mess with just drawbacks and gimmicky spells that will do nothing for you on a pvp server

IF Auth werent such a horrible mess and the corrupted auth perks werent as bad as they are then i would even enjoy fighting like a necromancer but that isnt the case, you are better of just using 3 zombies with regular auth or no auth at all.
There is no “every” build in pvp its 20str/20agi/20vit, and to determine what a build is truely capable of performing well, pvp might be actually the best testingground.

I feel like we’re talking past each other. But I’ll try again.

Yes you keep the same attributes, but the perks change right? You don’t get extra strength weapon damage from corruption. And corrupted strength perks shouldn’t be as strong as regular strength perks in straight up battle. Instead they should give you weird abilities you can’t get naturally.

You didn’t get what I was saying, or I didn’t get what you want from FC.

I thought the whole point of this topic was that you wanted a sorceror with corrupted strength to be as strong in PVP as the standard str/agi/vit build? I’m saying a sorceror is not meant to be a PVP build. All builds are more viable than they were before 3.0, but you don’t expect a builder character or a thrall master or a farmer to stand toe-to-toe with a PVP build in a straight up PVP fight. You shouldn’t expect a sorceror too either, not in this universe

I dunno what to tell you, if you don’t like it that sorcerors aren’t fighters in this universe then you don’t like the Conan setting.

And sorcery does plenty on a PVP server. Maybe just not in head-on fights. What about the other 99% of the time when you aren’t PVPing someone?

PS I agree it sucks that non-sorcerors can command zombies. I think you shouldn’t be able to without a minimum corruption level.