Feedback Abyssal Armor/Corruption build

@Firecrow is right. You are corrupted. You can barely lift a matchstick. Leave the fighting to the true warriors, while you stay back and cast spells. Those corrputed perks sure make you look cooler, but definitely not stronger.

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Deal additional damage that scales with your corrupted Strength.
So yes you do get extradmg from corrupting your strength.

The blows from your strikes numb your opponents, reducing their damage potential

Chance when dealing damage to cause a blast of corruption to vent from the earth, knocking down and damaging enemies.

I honestly could copy every single perk here and they are all related to you actively fighting or getting hit, even the auth perks like Frenzy that require you to attack your enemy to buff your followers

You once again make the statement that they are not meant to be fighters or be a PVP build, while i couldnt find a single comment from FC stating that your not supposed to be a fighter as a sorcerer. While ingame its even quite the opposite, every perk is related to fighting, the abyssal armor is related to fighting and actively buffs the dmg further. It might not add up with the lore but the game wants them to be capable fighters, else the perks would be more supportive

You don’t really have a grasp of the purpose of corruption or sorcery and I don’t understand why. Corruption is in place to give you access to different skills/spells at the cost of your physical prowess. At no point has corruption been intended to make you a stronger melee fighter, it literally at baseline cuts your stamina and health dramatically. What bigger indication do you need that you aren’t meant to stand toe to toe with a warrior build?

Read the perks and you know why…

I’ve read the perks. The problem is you’re reading INTO the perks and taking away meaning that isn’t there.

the meaning is there else the perks wouldnt exist in such a way

This is pointless back and forth. The answer is NO! It breaches the setting, the lore, and it reestablishes the Meta of Abyssal Armor which was reduced because it was too overwhelming as you wanted it to be. There was no disadvantage to being a sorcerer when it was originally released. So the short answer is no. You have the ability to twist the elements and demons to your will. You do so at the cost of your physical body. It’s not meant to be the Meta PVP and you are only support for PVP battles unless you are clever enough to use the magics effectively which means ensuring you have the timing and terrain to do so.

There are kits that are great for a sorcerer to equip and plenty of content out there. I suggest @Firespark81 because he is, by far, the expert I have seen at sorcerer building and maximizing the benefits while corrupted.

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Guess it doesnt make sense to have a conversation with people that doesnt give a damn about balance

Balance? You want the ability to cast AND able to go toe-2-toe with a combat build. The corrupted perks ARE the balancing aspects you are asking for. You want corrupted perks without sorcery and that why there is a disconnect. The sorcery is the point, not the corrupted perks. If you don’t like the sorcery, then don’t corrupt out. Those are perks for sorcerers to help them stand a chance against the combat beasts out there.

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and the sorcery part is useless dude dont you get it? that hard to understand thats a bunch of gimmicks?
Stop pretending the spells would have any kind of significants lol

You cripple your character pretty much only to fly arround with a bat, yea gg man thats balance.
Meanwhile your “combatbeasts” can use Sorcery tools no problemo, they even can raise dead no problemo. Sounds balanced to me

You’re slightly stronger running 20 corrupted Strength compared to regular 20 Strength, but the trade off is you’re turned into a glass cannon. I usually switch between running full corruption with abyssal or no corruption with one of seven different melee (str) combat loadouts.

Yes Thats true, but 20 Agi outweights the 20 corrupted strenght even when using strenght weapons, and thats what the bs is about, you are supposed to be a glasscannon that hits harder but you simply arent.

Agility builds don’t suit my playstyle. I simply do NOT care if it’s the latest fad.

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To you…sure. To me, it’s stuff I can use to change the tides of how things are going.

So this thread isn’t so much about abyssal armor but about how you don’t like sorcery and see no point in it in a PVP setting and the corrupted perks are the only thing that you would want out of this but the price is too high currently. Does that sum it up?


Oh i like sorcery and i like the whole design about it, but i can see it as what it is, just a gimmick without much impact.

The corrupted perks are underperforming and some simple changes to them would actually make a corrupted build way more reliable to play.

Yes, that’s how it’s supposed to be! This is primarily an RPG not a PVP game, every character type isn’t meant to be balanced so they’re equally effective in PVP. The PVP aspect of the game doesn’t have that much depth and there are many more aspects to the game the devs design things for. You seem to want to be a sorceror and a badass PVP warrior at the same time but they deliberately made it so you can’t do that. It’s a feature not a bug.

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I watched Conan the barbarian and Conan the destroyer I’m not sure how to spell it but akiro was a sorcerer

Technically Akiro was referred to as the Wizard of the Mounds. From a game perspective and from what he said in the movie, he’d be Demonology focused.

Does not really matter if he is called a sorcerer or wizard

If i remember correctly Zula was a Warrior and a sorcerer at the same time, so its even against their lore if your statement were correct that its not supposed to be.

Meanwhile its pretty obvious that their intention seemed to be that you are able to do that… else all your Corrupted perks wouldnt evolve arround combat.

And if they want sorcery to be actually a thing in their game that people want to commit to, then they have to buff it. As i said if the newest feature what this whole “age of sorcery” is about is barely used then there is something wrong.

And if they dont buff Sorcery to the point that it can properly coexist to normal builds, then it needs to be mandatory to actually be a sorcerer to use every kind of sorcery including things like teleporting raising dead and so on