Sorcery Is Totally Useless

I just want to say that I love the thought process behind the sorcery and how it is integrated into the crafting system with costs and preparation. But the spells themselves require a total makeover if Funcome wants this system they worked hard on to be utilized by players in game. As of right now, nobody uses the bulk of the sorcery system because of how flawed it is. I am literally the only person on my server who even bothers casting any of the spells, and everytime I do, I regret it because it ends badly. Nobody even bothers with any of it, because the cost verse usefulness ratio isn’t worth it. Let me explain:

At the cost of being totally corrupted, you give up all ability to pvp, or even defend yourself against attacking players. This game is centered around PVP… Being unable to fight or defend yourself is a big deal. Even with full corrupted perks, you are totally useless in any PVP encounter, and at a major disadvantage. I would be ok with this if the spells actually made the trade-off worth it. But there are maybe two spells out of the entire roster that are even remotely useful, or powerful. The rest are weak gimmicks that hardly even work the majority of the time. For this reason, almost nobody bothers with the sorcery system. The spells that WERE effective, Funcom has gradually nerfed into uselessness. Let me explain in detail:

With the new changes in recent patches, torches and light sources are no longer required, as they have added a halo of light around your character that allows you to see in the dark perfectly. Therefore 2 of the moderately useful abilities that were left are now utterly useless: Wisp and Darkness. Furthermore, Darkness no long creates slow traps on the ground, and has no effect in PVE. Coupled with the ability for everyone to now be able to see in the dark, and this once useful spell is relegated to a useless emote…

Firewall has also been turned into useless trash, as they made it create a circular pattern around you with 3 open spaces for someone to walk right through, making the spell utterly useless. Rather than making the spell actually create a protective high wall around your character which could give you room to cast and protection from attacks for a few minutes, they have turned it into a cool looking cosmetic emote. But hey, it looks cool! Worth walking around with no health or stamina though? Nah.

Call of the dead creates an army of weak hitting zombies that all can be one shotted and killed by a few swings before they ever get out of the ground. Making this spell that takes a year and a half to cast even more useless once the zombies get out of the ground. The zombies hit like wet noodles when they do manage to get above ground, and die in a pretty green mist with one hit. Is it worth 30 second cast time, and half corruption? Nah. But it sure loooks pretty.

Lightning storm has been gradually nerfed down into what it is today, but remains at least somewhat damaging… In the once in a lifetime chance you might actually get the spell off without getting your head cut off, that is. Remember, all of these spells have significant cast times. Even if you do get them off, they are all TRASH. And patch after patch, Funcom makes them weaker and weaker. They have wasted all their time implementing sorcery, only to have it turn into some flashy emote system that almost nobody uses. They need to make these spells POWERFUL and worth the massive cost required to wield them, or this entire update will be considered nothing more than a gimmick and a joke.


Are you looking for something more offensive?

I’ll be even more frank: Age of Sorcery was for me the biggest disappointment of all the time of the game. Why? Because witchcraft does not give exactly any advantages. Any effort should pay off and give benefits. A pumped wisard should be stronger than any warrior of the same level due to combat magic, otherwise it’s not worth even starting. And we did not see any combat magic. Not only did FC not take the best of the mods that successfully introduced combat magic long ago, but also made sure that the laborious process led to complete zilch.

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There needs to be some offensive, yes. I’m not looking for a WOW battlemage, no. But if I am trading half my life and stamina, and by doing so making myself totally useless in PVP, I want the spells to be worth a damn, yes. As of now 90 percent of the spells are totally worthless. The only spells that are remotely useful atm are the bat flight, slow fall, and ice bridge.

It’s just not worth the ridiculous cost required for sorcery. Just remove it from the game entirely if this is the way it’s going to be, because nobody bothers with it anyway.

Have you ever read a Conan story? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: That is pretty well how it goes for the sorcerer :grin:


Oh by Set I wish I could turn that :poop: off.

Have to agree with the rest though. Even Conan sorcerers got off a few good spells. Crom didn’t nerf them between chapters.

All I use is mass gather; and I’ll argue all day they named it wrong, think I actually have :thinking: Feather fall or what ever is it, and once and a while I go for an air born ride. I really have 0 use for the rest of the spells, PVE, tested, eh.

Seriously folks, this is Conan not warcraft or LOTRO. Conan sorcerers were more fanatical leaders with a bit of back up from some old evil god. They weren’t the AD&D blow a dragon out the sky wizards.

Now I do wonder why magic traps where left out, but I’m not the lore master here.

Now I was young when I read Conan but if I recall this was the first of the novels with a sorcerer of any real note Conan and the Sorcerer - Wikipedia I’m sure @Jimbo would correct me if I’m wrong.

Sorcery in Conan was more vudoo less LOTR.

Did you bring any drinks? Still don’t know what is better: (A) corrupted attributes or (b) 5 of those drinks will get you back up.

Terrible review.

Sorcery is utility only, not made for fights.
That’s the bottom line.

I’m not sure I want to play Jaina in Conan to be honest.
But honestly I would rather the devs focused on getting the combat and stamina system fixed and balanced once and for all…

And the utility spells are terrible. The entire system is garbage. You can’t play this game without being able to do combat. And using sorcery makes u unable to do any meaningful combat. That is bad game design. If you don’t like sorcery fine, but its a part of the world and they added it in. It needs to be good. Right now its useless.


I have no idea what you are trying to say

I keep hearing this, but there are several stories in Conan with really powerful magic and sorcerers. If they are going to add it in the game, make it useful. Or else just remove it. right now its nothing but gimmicks that nobody bothers with because its garbage and useless.

Uhhh? I mean, it’s a game with a fighting component, so yeah?

If I’m interpreting @Dzonatas correctly, they’re saying you should have Cleansing Brews on you so that you can remove corruption, drink a potion to heal up, and get in the fight.
Unless you have corrupted attributes… And some of them are okay-ish, but full corruption is not exactly viable in PvP.

So basically, cast what you have to cast before a fight, then cleanse and fight normally.
I know this is not what you’re asking for, what you want to hear, but that’s how it goes.

Still, if you’re playing a corrupted build, I’m genuinely curious about it and your perk choices in it!

The useful spells are Ice Bridge, Slow Fall, Call of Nergal.
Basically the ones that grant you abnormal mobility option to raid in PvP.

There is also Detect Resources, which is cool for Star Metal, but more importantly it also grants the Careful Harvest perk, which is completely broken for farming since you can have it together with Efficient Harvest… But we should expect this to be removed or nerfed in some way XD

This is always the weakest crutch for something existing or not in Exiles. Have you read a Conan Story? Pretty much all were based on traveling the lands fighting. Not insta port, farm, and then build large “castles” to reign in.


And what happened to every one of them? Conan with nothing more than Steel in his hand killed them. So which do you think is more powerful in this universe? :woman_shrugging:

Not really, considering that so many people seem to not understand anything about the original stories and ask for the absurd. But I suppose you are only considering it to be “weak” because it constricts you in ways you do not like. I can understand why you might not like being restricted in such a way but it is important to maintain the integrity of the source materials in an endeavor such as this, which Funcom has done a wonderful job of thus far. Had they not attempted to from the very beginning, as some other game companies had when they had the rights to the IP, then your view would be far more valid.


You are spot on… I’ve been saying the same. Similar to my other recent post, this is a prime example of the devs not listening to the community and ending up with a wasted opportunity. I know several folks who were excited about the idea of sorcery and came back to the game because of it but quit once they rrealized it was lame.

I also didn’t wan’t sorcery to be high fantasy fire balls and laser beams but they should have gave us something that would have been useful in combat for the folks who did want to play a sorcerer. One of my biggest disappointments was watching their vid on the development of sorcery and seeing their initial brainstorm list of combat spells that did seem in line with the Conan setting and lore but they made the decision not to implement any of it… What!!!

Other than the teleporters I’m not seeing anyone use sorcery anymore on the servers.

Similar to pets they’ve relegated sorcery to a check the box that they can include in their marketing, but it is basically worthless for most players.

My 2 cents

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Seems silly that the only purpose for a “powerful sorcerer” in this game is to harvest resources which isn’t hard to do anyway. “Hey grand wizard, go get me some more rocks and wood”. LOL

First off, i dont want pew pew magic. But i do see that the trade off is unbalanced as it is now for sorcery.

My main point is, people tend to pull the lore part out only when it suits them or thier “taste” in gameplay. I am in the camp that FC should use lore, but dont lean on it so much, it is a detrememt to balanced game mechanics.


All sorcery became was a rush through annoying steps to get to portals.

That’s all anyone cared about.



Oh yeah, I never suggested that you did. I know you have stated in the past that you were against that. :smile:

Meh, have they really balanced anything yet? :woman_shrugging:

I understand that that is your point, but on the other side the main reason people cry about that being a “weak argument” is because they only care about when it doesn’t agree with their “taste” in gameplay. It’s the exact same argument from the other end and I for one would much rather they stick to the lore of the original works as they have since that is the path they had chosen from the beginning.

I’ll chime in here since I was a rather vocal petitioner for Sorcery for quite some time.

I agree. Not with everything you said, but in total spirit. The implementation ultimately missed the mark for a couple of reasons for me.

First off, yes, the thought process was cool. I love the way the casting happens and the preparation, but here’s my problem: being a sorcerer should fundamentally change the way you approach the entire gameplay loop.

Uncorrupted exiles fight with the full extent of their vitality and stamina, whereas a Sorcerer must sacrifice their very being for a tradeoff in power.

But what defines “power”?

Is it the ability to hit harder? The ability to sway others more easily to your cause? Manipulation of the elements? Manipulation of the profane? The game does touch on this in a few ways with corrupted attributes but the extent of the power they provide is dubious at best (especially the Demon Lord perk, which is a clear downgrade for any character who takes it). In terms of gameplay however, again these corrupted attributes don’t change your fundamental approach to the game. As a sorcerous exile, you’re still basically charging into the fray, weapons swinging and trying to slaughter enemies by the hundreds. And that part is what disappoints me the most.

My vision of a sorcerer in CE is one who uses others to do his bidding, who draws upon extranormal or profane sources of power to augment his minions. My involvement in physical combat should be limited to the killing blow only, where my sadistic nature lets the foe know that it was I in the end who laid them low through my machinations. I can do this currently, but it takes forever and often I find myself worrying about if my minions will survive confrontations without my physical intervention. And there’s the problem for me. I’m required to physically intervene. I have barely any active abilities that allow me to effect the success of my minions. 1 passive buff. That’s it. Can I draw upon vines or conjure pools of blood to slow enemies? Can I infuse them with the spirit of a demon to augment their strength at the potential cost of their life once the spell ends? What do I actually do, other than option a: sit back and watch or option b: act like I did before I was a sorcerer and jump in and do the work myself.

Second, yep, our spell selection consists largely of little-used, situational, and poorly thought-out parlor tricks.



That does not mean we should have a complete lack of options to actively affect the single most important pillar of gameplay: combat.

We have almost no spells that can be used while our minions administer our version of sinister justice, and that is a travesty. I’m not asking for active healing spells (and even then, I’ve given suggestions before for thematically appropriate healing), but seriously, we can’t even get a spell that gives our minions a temporary version of the golem damage shrug? Makes them immune to knockdown or other negative effects? Gives them a sickening aura that chokes or corrupts others around them? What is the point of fire wall? Why is it called fire wall if it doesn’t act like one? I’d trade the current implementation of the zombie horde for one that summons 4 effective zombies over 50 one-shot weaklings. Instead of nerfing lightning storm, how about implementing passive measures to combat it like placeable lightning rods? You have the foundations of spellcasting in, but this cannot be all we get. And now, you’re nerfing our utility spells more with this asinine light aura at night. C’mon FC.

But here’s the thing: At least those sorcerers tasted true power. Even if it was for a fleeting moment before meeting the point of Conan’s blade, they had real effective power. In-game, sorcerers don’t feel any more powerful or advantageous over uncorrupted exiles. The OP’s point is that the tradeoff is pointless and I can’t disagree. Darkness spell? Worthless. Mass Cull? BB tools are better Fire wall? Laughable. Wisp? Patched into uselessness. Illusion Clone? Doesn’t work against the mobs you need it to work on. Call of the Dead? Neat party trick. The four spells that are useful? Bat-Demon, Invisibility, Slow-Fall, and Ice Bridge. Those can’t be worth sacrificing your very being for.

So in the end, if you’re FC and reading this, the question becomes “Well what exactly were you expecting from sorcery then?”

I was expecting a new way to experience each fundamental pillar of the gameplay loop. You nailed the exploration bit through bat-demon and invisibility. Building/Survival were almost completely unaffected (which you could have affected through more corrupted perks, which again I already provided starter suggestions for), and Combat as a Sorcerer has been a nearly complete failure. You gave us options to experience existing gameplay as corruption-juiced “death knight” (basically, more of the same), but gave us no effective alternative for those who wished to influence combat from behind the scenes.

Here FC, I’ll even give you an example of how I envision my Sorcerer in the Exiled Lands.

Imagine a withered, emaciated being, staring at a camp of exiles while his demonic minion stands menacingly beside him. He needs a new earthly cohort to accompany him into a dungeon to do his bidding. Before approaching, he chants words of power and shortly after, a swarm of locusts descends upon the camp, distracting the inhabitants. He commands his demon to keep the lesser exiles busy as he focuses his attention on the strongest of them all. While the demon rampages for blood, the sorcerer steps forward and whispers more words of power, this time entrancing the largest exile into a deep sleep. With the other exiles disposed of, the sorcerer moves claims his prize but before he can, another exile appears and unlike the others, this one is not weak of mind but is like him, another wanderer. He orders his demon to attack, and it throws a large boulder at the interloper, knocking him down long enough for the sorcerer to call forth the elements to turn the ground into a debilitating quicksand. His enemy now slowed, the sorcerer tries to invoke more powers while the demon presses its attack. Will the Sorcerer elect to bind the elements again? Summoning roots to restrain his foe and press the attack? Or does he notice this particular foe seems less affected by this spell than others, having trained himself to shrug off effects that limit his movement? Does he cut his losses and run? He has enough time to utter one more spell before the foe breaks free of the quicksand and closes the distance. Unbowed, the Sorcerer deems this foe an annoyance and wishes to teach him a lesson. He uses the words to surround himself in a circle of molten rock, preventing the foe’s pitiful blows from even coming near him. From his sanctuary he calls upon more profane powers imbue his demon with a portion of his own essence, greatly increasing its power as he orders it to attack the enemy. He then calls forth a shroud of darkness that no light can pierce to confound and slow his foe. From behind his walls he hears the sounds battle for a few moments before all goes silent. The circle of fire falls, and it seems that the foe chose a more cowardly route: the entranced thrall is now gone, seemingly taken by the foe who is now retreating in the distance. Does the Sorcerer pursue his prize or does he go home and replenish the valuable reagents wasted in the confrontation…

As it stands now? Most people do it for the portals. Thats. It.