Testing out sorcery and max spells as of now sorcery is weak

Corruption stats aren’t weak. Sorcery spells feels weak. Why do I lose max 40% stamina and health to use magic that isn’t all that great. This is the power we get for using weak magic. Since sorcery spells aren’t offensive or defensive why do players need such a huge debuff on health and stamina? Better off avoiding sorcery. Not worth it.

Drink corrupting brew > use spell > drink cleansing brew.

certain spells are op and its the reason any good pvp private has them banned.

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Which spell is that? Most do zero damage. Sorcery a handicap more than a help. A good PVP doesn’t banned sorcery or gods in the game. A good PVP player ask for better base defense and base offensive. This is why players love ark and rust balance in PVP.

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Honestly, if any server bans use of even a single spell - that server needs to be avoided. Better shut down


What do you want your spells to do?

If you expect to slay enemies with incendiary glances and fulminating farts, then yes, it is very weak.

However, there are several spells that can be used to some impact on a PvP situation. Especially if going up against a foe who hasn’t updated their stratagems in a couple years, and hasn’t already cocooned themselves in the gutter, keyhole, or similar spot.

For PvE…
Yeah, other than gathering resources, with the dungeon ban in full swing, it’s sorta manky. Rarely worth the effort to craft and carry the pouches, brews, ect, unless one has decided to run a corrupted perks build, and even then it is often at best a work around for your diminished stamina.
The side items, such as the teleporter, are much more utile than the spells (other than the harvester).

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I don’t know. I kinda like casting a lightning storm or zombie horde when I assault a large NPC camp and I’m not planning to capture anyone. Handy as some extra damage against world bosses too. Although my followers seem to prefer attacking the zombies instead of the enemy for some oddball reason. :thinking:

And of course the traversal spells (bat, bridge, slowfall) are handy from time to time. Bat still works if you overload yourself harvesting resources and you are too greedy to drop anything so you can actually run, by the way.

Darkness is, well, basically useless in PvE, so it’s pretty much just something to do if you want to mess around or annoy your friends.

I’ve played around with wall of fire and mirror mark a little bit, but I haven’t really used them a whole lot.

Invisibility is fantastic if you just want to get to the end of someplace, like the Wine Cellar for example. The downside is your follower, if you have one with you, is NOT invisible, which means they will take a beating on the way and potentially die before you get where you’re going. Obviously that’s not a problem if you’re going solo.

The rest, like conceal corruption and wisps and divination, their usefulness is pretty self evident.

Yes, this. I wish they could address this as it is very unfair to PvE players and PvP players alike , though PvE fairs the worst.

Tss tsss tsss. People always think in numbers.

Good base defense can be circumvented with an ice bridge for example. Or flying with a bat demon.


It’s not very good base defense if it can be circumvented that easily.

At best, it’s okish base defense that was viable in a previous era of warfare.

This one says okish because the ice bridge is limited to mostly horizontal platforms and the bat runs out of juice very quickly when ascending. If either of those are meaningful, then the base was already in a compromised location and would only survive thru perpetual bubble anyway.

@Glurin , this one finds any plans that involves setting the self on fire a hat losing plan. And any plans where one loses their hat is a bad plan. The Lightning is now less likely to strike the caster and their minions. Less likely. Besides, how often do you visit NPC camps that you don’t want a potential thrall?
The Zombie apocalypse spells is less than useful both for the reason you mentioned and because the zombies called are weak and may attack their summoner.

The travel spells, being limited to the overworld, are of dubious utility at best. The bat would be cool, if it weren’t an asthmatic weakling. If launched from a high spot it might be utile. But if it drops you, get ready for your fall damage with your corruption modified HP pool. Also, how far is it going to carry you? If we are talking greed, why waste the resources to make the pouch to cast the spell to summon it, to say nothing of the corrupting brews or inventory space for something to give you enough taint to call the uber. The ice bridge… When is this actually useful? Where do we need to traverse an area that the bridge can span? Feather fall would possibly be good if it could be used reactionary, but how is it significantly better than just grabbing the cliff on the way down?

Mirror Mark draws aggro to a fragile target.
The idea isn’t bad, it’s just not going to last long enough to matter. If you have time to cast it, you have time to escape by a less resource intensive method.

Wall of fire isn’t. It’s speed bump of rocks. Some NPCs will have an issue with pathing because of it. Friend and for alike. Again, if you have time to cast it, you have time to just stroll to a more advantageous location.

The other problem with invisiblity is when do you actually just want to go to the end of something?
The wine cellar? Thagg’s drops are ok. But the recipes need Khari steel and some of the other goodies are dropped by other bosses scattered around.

The whisps are pretty useless.
Only available on the overworld, and it is either a standing torch or it buzzs in your face. The latter is better now.
Conceal taint is only useful for playing dress up, and the divinations are only useful for golem farming.

This one is very harsh on sorcery because, other than a vanishingly small number of counter examples or corner cases, one is better off just handling the situation without it. Sorcery lacks the merit to stand on it’s own as worthwhile. Between corruption management, reagent pouch inventory, and casting time… It’s just a bother.
The resource harvest spell being a notable exception.
Which is sorta the issue this one has. All sorcery should have the cool and useful traits that gather resources does. It should be tempting to use. Yeah it isn’t as efficient as using an oiled black blood tool… But it is extremely fast and looks impressive. It effectively answers the question: Why Bother?

Sorcery is a side benefit to running a corrupted perks build. If you’re already permanently corrupted, that at least strips the hassle of management away. Furthermore, those mobility powers become better, as the diminished stamina pool can no longer out climb the bat and an ice escalator becomes necessary because one gets winded on stairs.
With the evaporated HP max, one needs to send waves of cannon fodder to soften enemies.

In that regard, that sorcery exists to facilitate corruption builds, it performs ok.
It’s still too slow and limited (dungeon ban) to be of great utility, but it can make up for some short comings inherent in embracing the varicose veins.


Disagree im master sorcery and i feel very strong, in terms of using the zombies to fight and tank bosses bar the Arena Champion, i defeated that boss with abyssal armour, snake arrows, darkness and the demon lord perk gave me some help in fighting it as it summons with the arrow shots.

You get Armour that carnt be looted, a bow with endless shots, you can die and respawn at your base full of loot lol. Did you ever try doing zombie swarm on a skull lol, or Thunderstorm. you even get a light to see at true night time.

I like it, you don’t speak for me.

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Master wizard says “Use the stop function my young apprentice” snicker. you have not watched the sorcery master class on youtube yes?

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That Master Sorcery channel is teaching me how to play a Sorcerer like I wanted to from the beginning. That double stop is a game changer.

More often than you’d think.

Put some points into authority.

Why would I carry a bunch of corrupting brew around? It’s only good for you pretenders who haven’t embraced the path of corruption. :smiling_imp:

Ever visit someplace like the Tower of the Bat? Just walk through that nearby darfari camp and you’re standing on pretty near the perfect example of the kind of place you’d use it. But really anyplace you could use a ramp or a bridge will do.

Wine cellar was just an example. A better one might be the vaults on Siptah. But really anywhere you have a specific goal in mind and don’t feel like cutting your way all the way through would work.

I mean really, what’s with this complete lack of imagination?

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Offensive and defensive sorcery is weak.

I already stayed corruption stats and corruption spells are two different things. Corruption stats are good. Corruption spells are not the best.

I like the effects and buildings the developers put in. But now for the use.

Does the current harvest spell even make up for the pouch it costs? It’s the most expensive steel pick in game. If it would harvest at eldarium level and throw the materials harvested into my teleporter at home. Would you pay 20% stamina and health for that? You do not get my unwavering “yes”.

How about a snake arrow to oneshot Valeria?

I liked how the old acid arrows worked. But then the lollipop fortress gang started crying and now who uses acid arrows? This is why we cann’t have nice things.

I want more spells is whole point. Let there be a bigger spell list. Maybe some religious spells too.

That depends. How much is your time worth? Harvest spell can clear an area in ten seconds. In a resource heavy area, you can load up your bearer, your mount, and yourself long before you could do the same job with a pick.

Cost: 3 leather, 2 demon blood, 3 gold dust, 3 bonemeal. Half if you use precision bench.


Exactly. Leather, bonemeal and demon blood we all have tons of. Gold dust is the only factor and not much of one since we all know how to get tons of it in the volcano. The cloth pouch is cheap in comparison to what effects it offers.

This game has sorcery? I’ve forgotten completely.