Feedback Abyssal Armor/Corruption build

If I remember correctly Conan was a warrior, who used no magic, who is the name sake of this freaking game.

This is not and has not ever intended to be Might and Magic or Elder Scrolls.

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I think the main issue with the perm corrupted build is that there isnt really enough in there to warrant it.
Ive been switching builds pretty much constantly since release and unless your lucky then your disadvantages seriously outweigh any benefit.

Some spells might be usable before combat but yhe chance to randomly disconnect while your trying pretty much garantee you the loss.

Ok i get in a straight up fight toe to toe,your not as physically capable, but what you get is not a lot.

Bat flight, harvest resources basically the two usable ones, maybe lucky invis if they really pre occupied.
Storm does nothing( test it before arguing with me) call dead is a nice effect but thats it.

So really at this point, i can sympathise with OP that the build options kinda underwhelming especially if your trying to not just lol die instantly when someone hits you.
Its not just saying you shouldnt be able to stand toe to toe, fine, but the disparity for the cost vs benefits is just way off

r.Fog = 0

Problem solved. Only darkness is a thing.

I would prefer this

I’m pretty sure that instead of a buff, each armor item should give 10% (5 in total - 50%) corruption, not 50% for each. That way there will be the possibility of builds with permanent 20% and 40% corruption combined with a number of spells. Right now it’s not very convenient to manage corruption.

Thank you,
You seem to be the first person here that actually properly played arround with corruption.

That would make everyone cry that doesn’t play sorcery

An the reason i think more havnt is for exactly the same reasons


They never had it before, what’s the problem? Also I can’t speak for everyone obviously, but I don’t play sorcery and wouldn’t care if all the powerful stuff was locked behind corruption. That’s what I thought they were going to do, make it so corruption was a requirement for sorcery not just caused by sorcery. It’s weird that you can get corrupted, rasie up zombies, and then go back to being a normal healthy person but keep commanding the zombies.

The issue is there is no powerful stuff

Depends on how you look at it. Learning sorcery has a lot more utility compared to one who doesn’t bother with it.

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But is the the utility worth the fully corrupted cost?
Atm you get flight, harvest and some gimmicky stuff wih little practical use.
I think no…

Yes learning it is important for most people, or atleast one clanmember having it done for the teleporter.

But beeing actually corrupted and in a corrupted Build has barely any benefits, the bat is cool but that’s about it.
The negatives just outweighs the positives drastically. So if you are not Someone that really likes the theme arround it, chances are you will not play as a sorcerer/corrupted.

And we seem to be very far off from getting new spells for now, so all they can really do to make it more attractive as a reliable proper build is buffing the perks and get the f. Rng out of them… that the deflect and last perk from corrupted strength are rng based is just stupid and make good perks pretty bad

The abyssal armor is pretty good, not strong enough to make up for all the negatives but pretty good.

The weapons on the other hand are garbage sadly, the bow is low dmg can’t equip other arrows and no modification.
The hammer is worse than a dragonbone hammer wich is actually madness.

I really hope we get something decent for sorcery season 2 so it actually doesn’t feel that crippling to play as a sorcerer

Although I agree with you that sorcery’s design is weird in many ways, I think you might benefit from a different perspective.

Corrupted stat bonuses are weird; they seem to relate to combat, especially melee, but as you say, sorcerers are still weaker in combat than non-sorcerers because the corrupted perks don’t compensate for it enough. But I think that’s fine. Sorcerers can fight, and they have certain advantages non-corrupted characters dont, but ultimately they end up weaker than warriors, as they should.

The spells we have right now are utility spells, some of which have had a significant impact on PvP. Bats and Ice Bridge have forced people to reconsider their base defenses against an unprecedented threat (unless you count Purges spawning on your rooftop, which is kinda the same). Feather fall has its own utility. Invisibility should still work against player-owned thralls, even if it won’t fool a player.

The sorcerer won’t be the party’s main damage dealer. He won’t be the party’s tank. But he brings utility no-one else does, and the corrupted perks and Abyssal armor and stuff are there to make him suck a little less in physical combat, meaning that you are still able to participate in the fun after your spells have helped your party breach the enemy defenses.

There are many little things that could do with improvement regarding sorcery, such as pouches being too costly to make and too heavy to lug around for the niche utility spells bring to the playing field; but overall I think the general direction Funcom has taken with sorcery is the right one.

Besides, as you said yourself, there is one meta build in PvP. There will always be one meta build in any game where players have any freedom to choose between options. It’s just a matter of whether the meta build is the one we want. In this case, sorcery is not the current meta build, and if an update turned it into meta, then we’d have this same discussion on whichever feature you’d feel was left underpowered as a result.

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This ain’t that kind of fantasy, chief. Sorcerers get bodied if they try to go into a direct fight, they’re meant to hang back and manipulate things from the shadows.

No tricks of shadows this time. In his naked hand Thugra Khotan gripped a black scorpion, more than a foot in length, the deadliest creature of the desert, the stroke of whose spiked tail was instant death. Thugra Khotan’s skull-like countenance split in a mummy-like grin. Conan hesitated; then without warning he threw his sword. Caught off guard, Thugra Khotan had no time to avoid the cast. The point struck beneath his heart and stood out a foot behind his shoulders. He went down, crushing the poisonous monster in his grasp as he fell.

-Black Colossus

Corrupted attributes are meant to give you a fighting chance to offset half health and stamina, and they do a pretty good job at it. But the main point of being corrupted is to cast spells and perform rituals. Like a sorcerer. It’s not meant to be greater than or equal to a full warrior build. You trade off a bit of that combat prowess for all the utility of your spells. Why do you need so much stamina when you can fly?

If you’re not fully utilizing the sorcerer’s full palette of abilities, maybe being a sorcerer isn’t the right path for you personally.


Agreed. Also it can not be left out that you can as a sorcerer summon zombies and other advantages unless you are caught unaware and unprepared. In the Conan universe an unprepared sorcerer is a dead one as is one who doesn’t use minions to augment their lack of physical strength in combat.

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The way I see it is that they made sorcery so that it would be as immune as possible to the cry of “NEEDS TO BE NERFED!” out of the box and if it makes sense to change it later, would be in the buff direction. I applaud this method as it’s the long game. Dennis mentioned no new spells in the next chapter and I think part of that may be to see how people make use of what they have now so that future magic errs on the side of “not OP” and doesnt need a bunch of subsequent nerfs.

I only think of sorcery as thematic. If you want to min max for combat, thats the realm of a barbarian.


But why would you get into a direct conflict? You have to be more cerebral than muscle if you are to play a sorcerer. If you are in direct conflict, you are not being a good adversary as a sorcerer. You aren’t supposed to be dominating them in person but dominating them mentally. Their efforts mean little to you and are more annoyances to your plans for the land…and they should feel that way. This shouldn’t be a hidden concept but pretty much clear when they attack your stuff, when they target your thralls. They do so because you have allowed it and have foreseen their actions which results in them gaining nothing. They are but toy puppets being led by string to actions of your own design. That is the way of the sorcerer. These spells are not for physical might but to add to your methods of planning and responses outside of the norms they were counting on. Your perm. corruption gives you the means to cast indiscriminately. Don’t like the thrall selection in Sepmeru? Call down lighting to waste the current selections and start fresh again. Players are coming at you? Nergal will take you away faster than your steed could and they are not prepped to follow.

The corrupted perks are just perks that help you when/if you get into a pinch. They should be viewed as defensive outside of authority. Gotta say I am loving the corrupted vitality and authority of 15 with war party. It fits my playstyle much more than previous.


II think slightly quoted out of context,

My point being yes standing toe to toe is a bad idea, BUT the trade off doesnt give you much at all really.
The physical weakness is so beyond standing toe to toe even with the armor and hammer thst unless your opponent is an npc or really doesnt know what they are doing you will be dead momentarily.

Being more cerebral is one thing, trying cast flight while having another player in sight range is also not easy, and lightning storm clearly hasnt been used by many people recently, if they had then they wouldnt be saying it.

Some utility yes, some utility. But at a heavy heavy price that almost makes it a stupid choice for anyone that really isnt into the whole concept.

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I thought so too…until I started actually playing with it. You have to switch things around (short sword and mace are great things to master in this) to minimize the stamina drain and some things like gloves of jhil are pinnacles of precious gear that sets you to literally dominate the PvE aspects of the game.