Abyssal weapons, Demons zombies and mounts feedback

Gonna try and go over all of these with this post and make it quick.

Abyssal weapons.
Maul. I do not like that they chose a maul for this given the nature of stamina consumption of a maul it makes it a horrible fit for corrupted individuals as it will eat up all stamina in three swings or so. Also i didn’t see any real reason to use it over other mauls? not sure what makes this unique aside from the fact that it has a cool skin. I’d say replace this with a onehanded sword or a pike.

Bow. This one i found interesting. it really didn’t seem to do all that much damage sadly. But unless i was bugged it had infinite ammo meaning it had an interesting mechanic to it that was unique. Unfortunately again not a great fit for corrupted individuals the corruption requires often get in the way of weapon based fighting.

Demonlord perk: These guys cause more problems than they are worth they hit me just as often as the enemy and the elder demon with the mace that guy hurt like hell. no pun intended. If you hit them however they’d turn on you in a heartbeat and then you’d be in a mess of trouble. For what you are sacraficing to get access to them they really aren’t worth it.

Summoned demon.
This guy is just a jerk. Not only does it cost an arm and a leg to get to this point. He is middling tier thrall at best in most cases. topping out with 5k hp and fairly poor stats. Also if you don’t kill anything within 10min he turns on you and tries to kill you. 0/10 dude this guy is not even mildly worth your time.

Alright i kinda like these guys, they scale based off the thrall you made them out of meaning that exile zombies are super weak but well of skelos zombies are super strong. They come out at level 20 to boot. My only real gripe is you cannot armor or arm these guys with anything they will only attack with their hands. They can do some good damage but its just not the same. I’d request that we get to armor them. For all we payed to unlock the ability to make these guys it really is something that would help their existence.

So i don’t have a ton to say as my frame of reference for mounts is quite minimal. These guys seem to be pretty generic? The rino doesn’t do much damage i like that he knocks dudes over as he runs by but thats about all they do. Honestly i would have gone with something else entirely. Like a spider who climbs walls? I just found these dudes to be a bit meh. Perhaps requiring a restab to see if it works out the second time.

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