Sort out the game it’s beyond a joke now

Stop adding content that we don’t actually want … sort your game out on Xbox …I have played pvp since day 1 beta… I have lost more progress and wasted more time losing things to the performance of the game than actual players … or players exploiting mechanics that are left in the game because you forget to patch them …

: dashboard constantly ( not fun when you have 10 people on your door and physically nothing you can do because you cannot connect… yes I do single player … yes I reset my router, do you know how long this can take )
: crap thrall . (Refuse to fight,block doorways,don’t teleport back to you )
: lootbags dissapearing instantly (nice when you spend hundreds of bombs and waste time grinding zeal’s to get no rewards. And I mean instantly, like you see chests been destroyed then loot all and it’s gone !)
:Dsync!!! ( what I see on my screen is not what my opposition sees at all !.. how do we fight ,dodge combos if I’m already dead on there screen !

4 points … does not seem much to ask for but this is ruining the game … I don’t even want to start on the undermeshing… :rage:

I know I am not the only one that thinks this but you seem to cater for the pve community which is fine I understand they are the ones buying the dlc and therefore you do not really care, but it is also a shame you are losing long term dedicated players and the pvp community is probably the most toxic community I have ever come across on any game…

Pure frustration!


ROFL! You mean catering to the pvp community. Just take a look at all the nerfs at the request of the pvp community.


Sorry for my mistake … what have they nerfed, my main point was performance issues … they will never balance the weapons for pvp

Ohh I just got sent back to the dashboard for the 12th time today … as well as losing a vault full of gear to a purge and it instantly despawning… also lost multiple sets of gear to dsync while fighting then kicked :woman_facepalming::ok_hand:

  • Sword of Crom
  • Lifeblood Spear
  • Spears, repeatedly
  • Captains and Bandit Leaders can no longer be captured
  • Everyone’s legacy Vathis thralls got deleted
  • Vitality 30 perk
  • Can no longer cross fence foundations, undermining many creative options

I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but these are among the most egregious examples.


Sword of Crom was overperforming in PvE and PvP because it didn’t adhere to the weapons intended design

Lifeblood spear invalidated the need for healing and had no risk / reward attached to it. The current nerf went too far, but there’s a reason everyone and their grandmother had this weapon

Spears, yea that’s a PvP thing

Pretty sure neither of those had anything to do with PvP

Vathis was an oversight and needed to be fixed, it effected PvP more since we actually compete with each other there, but it was something FC wanted to clean up regardless of what we wanted

Vitality 30 is a tad on the low side now, but like Lifeblood, the original healing invalidated the need for most healing items because you would just shoot up to max after every fight

Crossing fence foundations was an issue on all servers because people would use it to crash the servers to duplicate or just be trolls

But please, keep blaming PvP players for playing the game and providing feedback.


No error messages? Just checking.

They replace the crom with a sword and hammer that do 100% ap … replace bandit leaders with named bearers, spear is still meta …

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Straight dashboard .no message… happens everyday … I do sp before every online game . Clear cache when I can and hard reset Xbox multiple times… rubber band like mad when fighting and just generally had enough :upside_down_face:

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Oh yea those new 100% armor pen weapons are begging for a nerf lol, that indeed would be from the PvP community and to keep the Arena Champion as a relevant boss. It’s amusing how FC is very aware that Heavy Armor is vastly under-performing in PvP, and then go ahead and release weapons that totally invalidate heavy armor haha

It’s also odd how they already had a 100% armor pen weapon with close to 20 base damage, then turn around and give these new ones damage comparable to weapons with standard armor pen.

I love FC and agree with a lot they do, but they certainly make some strange decisions sometimes. Acid Arrows are a great example of wtf design choices lol


xbox usually doesn’t give that but I don’t share her experience with that problem.

How often do you play? … I’m curious as to how many hours you have on Xbox also

way too dang much. I start EVERY session by going singleplayer (‘x’ for offline) then login to official server(s).

I have not been here since pre-release but not that many

I know how often I dashboard and it’s a joke … played way too much pvp to not notice these things are been over looked … I’m not on about weapon balance … again it’s how the game plays !

oh I don’t disagree with OP other than I don’t share your connection experiences (desync) and lootbag issues. Disappearing things sometimes yes, but not instantly.

I’m annoyed :upside_down_face: lost more members to dsync and dashboard earlier that’s all :sweat_smile:

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I feel your pain. I’ve been hollering about performance since shortly after the huge update two weeks before official release on PC. Now, since one of the latest updates, I can’t even step foot in some areas of the map due to extreme, and I mean extreme, lag and stuttering such as New Asagarth.
What changed? Not my PC.
They’re long overdue in fixing performance issues on PC too, it’s not just Xbox. Since some people have the issues and some don’t, all I can guess is that the game isn’t properly optimized across all equipment and platforms and the only thing that changes the severity is the patches.

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Gotta agree with some of these new weapons as well. 100 armor pen made the Katana I’d never use intriguing. But now its laughable.

That being said I have been having performance issues as well. So I have been playing a little less and enjoying summer.