The game is repetitive


Actually the OP only stated the issues they have with PVP and the fact the focus on mostly PVE is not addressing those issues. The 2nd poster was the one who went flaming on PVE vs PVP war. Yet you state the OP was starting the fire.

there are words for that you used…what was it???

almost everybody agrees that conan exiles is just a harvesting simulator. that’s 99% of the game content is chopping down trees/rocks.

Even fallout 76 realized their mistake and started adding npcs, quests, voice acting.


I think Both Sides Need stuff… its that simple. And each side finds other getting +1 one more thing and feels bad…
Specially since Funcom handles things in chunks. So one side gets +100 things, and other has sit a update out or 2.

PVE in general… use to be so much better? Now it relies heavy on thralls pets.

Oh noes… we made it to easy for players… better make all bosses damage 1000%
Better remove enemy knockback and up there health so player has to counter damage sponges before there thrall/pets die…

Several Bosses were abit fun at release, but many of them just had changes done to counter other things that ruined them. Take King Scrouge… He used to be a pretty fun 1v1 Boss in PVE, almost to Souls Game fight.
He’s pretty much a AOE wide swing spam, who almost never break away from that 1 move into his other 3 or 4 move set. He pretty much spams that attack on your thrall/pet as you try to step in and out behind him dodge large AOE swing.

Solo? His hits are just NASTY. There meant to be tanked by heavy armor or a pet/thrall.

Doesn’t help alot of PVE content has been all pushed to be lv60 only. You go thru journay steps, only to get sent into north to be r-worded by un-stagger-able enemies in tight quarters in large groups and saber cats… Then you get inside…

I USE TO LOVE, going here and getting to top by myself. IT WAS FUN…
Now its bring a pet/thrall or heavy armor, or be lv60 with lv60 gear to get past some of it.

Some of changes are better, King himself… use to be a major damage sponge like World Bosses. But they toned him down abit. Using “Doom” I smashed thru him fairly quick. 3 3/4 outta 5 str. Since my thrall kept him busy… He hit me once, and lost about 230 of my 280 hp. =/

It So unbalance now for solo play, cause of pets… It needs a roll back or just redo…

PVP has always been, Watch youtube, find Meta… Copy Paste.
Alot of PVP needs Buffs, and not pull backs.
Or even Funcom add ability like they can with servers to add weeks to decay, but make certain weapons for week or 2, the Weekly Weapon. So meta is always changing and feels fresh.

And last thing to point out…

I’M SPOILED by Monster Hunter, Souls Games, and Dragons Dogma combat… So CE feels like such huge step back sometimes.
But ya, as mention several Bosses use to be pretty good and on par, some still kind are.


Mobs are so lifeless that i don’t even consider them a proper pve content to be honest. They all just seem the same NPC but with a different shape and sound, but doing the same unga bunga attacks and behavior. Thag is a good one, Kinscourge almost joins the list but his hitboxes are…questionable. Mammoth gives you some good time windows to strike back, attacks are pretty forgiving. The rest is just the same, giant hitboxes, a different animation but the attacks are basically the same
That only gets worse when you add thralls into the equation :confused:

I believe that you speak about the vanity of this game, am I correct? To be honest I found you a lot of true to what you post still you cannot understand how lucky you are my friend from the pc chair that you play. You are lucky because you saw siptah, you are lucky because you saw all the updates and the new contents of the game and for this I envy you.

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