New and existing map cluster

When the new map comes out i would REALLY like to see the existing and new map paired. So clans already built can travel, (yes travel) between the 2 maps (transfering items is debatable) and be able to use their character on both.

Perhaps joining a server would give u the option of which map u wish to load into. This would only be these 2 maps you could travel between and not other servers.

My clan has been on 1 official pvp server for 2 years and we would like to be able to put all our hard work to use in another new and exciting scenario.

Why should it be any different than porting now, it will be the same im guessing.

Well “porting” now does not move you from one map to another, it just moves you within the same map, let alone server.

As we have no concrete knowledge on how they’re planning to implement this new map, we can only speculate on whether it’ll live on a separate server (I’m tentatively in this camp, based only on what we’ve been told in the past) OR if they’ve worked technical magic that somehow allows it to live in the same server / world as our current one.


It would be terrible. Just imagine some toxic clan buying map DLC, living there and terrifying all the other players who can’t reach them without paying money.

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Confession Bear time, but I’m not seeing the big deal honestly. It’s no different from any other game in history that adds a new region you won’t be allowed to access unless you buy the expansion pack.

Assuming travel is technically possible, then ideally there would be travel for PvE / PvE-C servers, and no travel (or naked travel only) for PvP servers, but I have a sinking feeling it’ll just end up as “no travel at all, end of story”.

My assumption is that it will be like Ark. In Ark there are many maps, and you can move your character through them with no problem. Hosting them on servers can be expensive, because each map is its own server node basically that you have to rent.

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