Wish: That New DLC Map / Player Made Maps could be one single Universe that you can take a boat / caravans, etc to visit and explore

I don’t think this should be a forced feature or something that most servers need or require. But I would love it if there was a fluid system in place to allow a player to click a boat like the sunken city and be teleported / load screen and boom your on another server but share the same chat and character / clan database. In a sense same universe.

Ark has something like this if I recalled I remember setting up 3 diff maps and going to this teleporter place it was quite neat.

Anything just a random wish and wanted to share my feelings.

Most survival games I would not care, but I enjoy the lore, depth, and the RPG of Conan so much that I feel being able to have the expanded lands to explore and visit would be amazing. Kind of like modern day Age of Conan :slight_smile:

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There’s a mod for that: Steam Workshop::Amunets Server Transfer - v1.0.25

It doesn’t look likely Funcom is going to implement that. They’re working on a character import/export feature, though.

your referring to arks genesis pt1 expansion, that’s a single map of small biomes that are separated into different zones and the only way to each area is via a loading screen. Any other setup requires multiple servers. In that case I would go with codemage’s suggestion

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Is one game Eve Online.There thousands of stellar systems and you can easy travel from one to another.Some systems run on separate server-but all connected.

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