I agree to have DLCs for new paid maps, but!

I’ve been reading news about the game, and so far on the forum and I’ve seen talk about the information that Conan will win a new map, and he will be paid.
I agree with that, I always found the game’s DLCs a bit “useless”, although I bought all of them to “help” the game I like so much, but I ALWAYS thought that I was given very little thanks and with that I found the strategy of very “lazy” DLCs from the developers, but bought it.
As I said several times I also play ARK and also bought all ARK DLCs, which are just whole new maps, and there I always found it valid, attractive and a great deal to buy DLCs, I never felt buying DLC ​​just for " help 'in ARK as I felt in Conan, and look that I like Conan much more than ARK, even with the super limitations of the game.
I see with great eyes the funcom thinking about starting to develop real DLCs, that really add to the game, that expands the game for those who want to invest in it, I am not understanding these comments from people of wanting the new free map, the world games doesn’t work like that, in any company, and I also agree that you need a constant investment from those who play a game for 3 years, I agree to pay, and I think it’s fair, BUT it will depend on what I get in return.

The main question now comes, when I buy new maps in ARK I really get incredible work, incredible maps, incredible new creatures, and even graphics, programming improvements … everything is very worthwhile very rewarding, we still don’t know how much funcom will work on this new map, which would be the 1st DLC of its kind, I hope that first of many everything goes well!

So that’s the question, what will be the quality of this new map ?, how many news will there be ?, there will be a transition from NPCs from the old to the new map, because I would not be interested in the new map if I could not travel with my NPC there and even bringing “new ones assuming I have” to my base on the official map, just like we all do in ARK, I don’t believe that a new map totally parallel to the official map would work, the “map room” is there to transport us to obelisks from the new map, use it.

This first experience will be crucial for you, don’t disappoint, you won’t have another chance to sell us a next map if it’s really not worth it, I like funcom’s work a lot, I really identify myself in this as in no other, but many Sometimes I get “irritated” with things like “water” Conan’s water is ridiculous, the game is beautiful and with this PS3 graphics water, the game water and coconut trees totally distort the graphic quality of the game.

Well that’s it I will follow anxious news on the subject, I hope I will not be disappointed, I hope you will use this to really grow, evolve and improve, I will give the first chance and I hope I will not regret it!


@tjhoban like your post. I am a day one player on ps4 would be willing to pay for a map my self. But the people who play on my server may not be able or willing to pay for another map . I realize we are shooting in the dark since we know nothing if players could use a obelisk to go from map to map ok but it seems that we would need a extra server I can’t rent 2 servers. A condition to purchase a new map would be that the bugs are removed not carried to a new map. May we all look back and think what where we worried about this map is great.


So I see in this the opportunity for funcom to do the same brilliant strategy as the wild card (ARK), which is from 2016 (4 years ago) they did not launch an ARK 2, just as I think Funcom should not launch a Conan 2, but it was in the launch of new “maps / worlds” that Wild Card was able to keep the ARK “current”.

There was an absurd improvement in the game, they took advantage of the money from the map DLCs, which are highly salable DLCs, different from the Conan DLCs which are totally “whatever”, they took advantage of this money and invested in the game, today nobody feels the need for graphics improvements on ARK, and it’s a game from 2016, and it has already passed a lot of graphics from Conan, game from 2018, if you enter the last map “Valgueiro” it’s a sight to behold.

This is the opportunity for Funcom to work on a new “water” for the game, the water is SHAMEFUL, ridiculous, I see people doing the game live and that “initial” area of ​​the main river with the coconut trees, everyone "laughing at the game on the live “saying that the graphic was from PS3, when in fact the game is very beautiful, but really when you add the water and the” coconut trees “, which exactly make up the” initial player "view is extremely frustrating.

Funcom managed to do an incredible job on Conan, the NPCs, the movement of our character NPC, are all very incredible, but the game certainly needs a graphic “update” and new maps can provide this, and even all improvements developed for new maps, I hope this is not the only one like ARK, all these improvements can be applied to the “original” map just like the Wild Card did.

We still don’t know what funcom’s conduct will be in this regard, if they will be greedy and lazy, or if they are really asking for our “collaboration” for the game to have a long life without being overtaken, as it happened in ARK, everything will depend of everything I said, the game will have advances, will there be additions ?, new creatures ?, new water ?, lighting improvements … improvements that would also be applied to the standard map.

I still see in the ARK trajectory a good solution for Conan called “caves”, funcom can launch a new map with new “items” and creatures … and have a cave in the original map with these new elements and with the “look” "new map, so people from the original map could have access to everything on the new map in summary form, and if I want to experience a more complete adventure I could buy and teleport to the new map, I will certainly have my base on the original map myself and a base on the new map, but I am aware that anyone who cannot “buy” the new map can have a “summary” of it there in a new cave.

Funcom needs to do this more, COPY WHAT’S RIGHT, when you wanted to do it different it went very wrong, ARK has been updating riding techniques for 4 years, and it works in a simple way through the mouser, so it comes to Funcom that it never did this, it doesn’t look at what everyone else already does, and they do it very well, and it doesn’t do the same, they launch a system of guiding by the keyboard, it’s WRONG! if this were the best way, ARK would have already changed the system to be like this during these 4 years, this is very logical.

I am using ARK examples because it is a game very “similar” to Conan, perhaps of all Conan players the game that has the most players in common between us.

The final lesson that remains is YES! copy what the competition does good, because if it’s GOOD it’s what we want, it’s working, copy, improve and do it your way, it is not done to copy good ideas, it is done not to copy good ideas and not do something good.

I am excited and anxious to know if everything I said will be applied in the game, if I really feel like playing a “Conan 2” or a lazy job without progress, without improvement, with the same water with PS3 graphics, I hope to be surprised , and feel that funcom is EVOLVING and I will be very happy to collaborate with this by buying this and next maps, maybe 1 annual map, really RELEVANT, well that’s it!

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I can’t rationalize not getting good DLC because people won’t buy or can’t afford it.I should be forced to walk or ride a bike because people refuse to or can’t buy a car.I enjoy the dlc packs so far wouldn’t mind if they were more functional.I would love as many maps as they could make.I’d be happy to make those purchases.

Especially that the new generation of video games is already a reality PS5 and X Series, it is useless to deny that it is the consoles that dictate the quality of the games, even PCs can play even better games.

I was always thinking, how will fumcom deal with the new generation in Conan ?, how will they make this compatible and competitive here with games of the new generation, which should start to become reality very soon.

This is a possible solution, so raytrace will be something “common” will I play conan without raytrace, or will they apply to the game ?, will the water be changed to a new generation water ?, the hair of the NPCs , all of this is an issue that can be solved with new maps updated to that year’s technology, and of course applying all the improvements to the previous maps, just like ARK does.

The first “The Island” map was updated with all the graphical improvements that the sequential maps added to the game.

I hope the developers read this and reflect a lot on the subject, as this step will be crucial for the future of Conan if it will last 1 year, or if it will still be strong and relevant in 5 years, everything will depend on how they will do it we still feel up-to-date during that time, since nobody wants to invest the time of their lives in something that they think has passed.

People like me, like this guy above, and many others are totally willing to help the game financially, if you really show that it is worth it, and that it is not just a launch to earn money.


funcom plans a new map and not a new game. all the new fancy stuff like raytracing is out of scope because it would need an update of the underlying unreal engine. currently conan exiles is based on unreal engine 4.15.3, the early access version was unreal engine 4.12. funcom already updated the engine once in the past. I think a further update is unlikely because of the engine changes after 4.15. epic games replaced a bunch of the internal systems with the engine versions after 4.15. none of the new systems is compatible with the older ones so moving conan exiles to a newer engine version is not a simple upgrade, it’s a full reimplementation of the game and the conan exiles specific game systems and that’s completely out of scope for a map dlc. in this case we talk about conan exiles 2.

sidenote: ark is based on a heavy customized unreal engine 4.5. wildcard did a hell of extra work to lift the old unreal engine to the current look and feel, with the disadvantage that an egnine update is nearly impossible without a full reimplementation. different sceanrio, same result. ark 2 is more likely than an engine upgrade.

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Ah, yes, I forgot about the lovely practices of the gamedev industry. “We don’t need no stinking semantic versioning” :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow I was really surprised by the “intensity” of the response / information, thanks for the work and interest !!!
Actually “raytrace” ´ would be the most “radical” change I said to give more “strength” to how a game is needed to update its base, I don’t think the new map will come with raytrace, yet, I wanted to refer to the future where raytrace will be very common and at some point it will be crucial, I believe that next year it will start to be a reality, this year not yet.
But I see many improvements, less radical, like the water already widely cited … of course, everyone wants to feel progress, the fact that all mechanics, physics … are already ready makes it possible to polish more details

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