New dungeon DLC?

Hi, players!

The game has some nice dungeons, e. g. the Wine Cellar and the Well of Skelos.

More would be nice. But more costs development time, which in turn costs money. That’s especially true if a contractor is hired to do that, e. g. Snowhunter (of Wine Cellar fame and author of several nice mods, to include some blatant advertisement).

That leads us to the question: Fellow players, would you be willing to spend money on a new Dungeon DLC?

For most, that will depend on what is offered for what price. But let’s keep it simple and just see if people would be willing to spend some extra money on new dungeon content.

New dungeon DLC?
  • Yes, I would pay for a dungeon DLC if it’s well done and reasonably priced.
  • No, I would not pay for a dungeon DLC, no matter the price, size or quality.

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I would most likely PAY for any NEW content that comes to CE.

I would really hate to see development stop for this game…with its bad and goods true Conan World fans would probably always fund this game.

The Lore and the world i am playing in are the 2 single reasons i am still here.
Bought 3 copies of Barbarian Edition PC, from which 2 i gifted. 2 Accounts in Xbox. Own all DLC’s both PC/Xbox.

The SINGLE thing that Bothers me is that Funcom still goes Early Access way, instead of the old timer Alpha - Closed Beta - Open Beta - Release.

I Made a Couple topics about this situation, Expressed my own feelings concerning this, but i would still Support them with the hope that the game is being worked on and not dropped dead.

I voted yes, but on the condition that it’s added to exiled lands and not siptah.

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I voted Yes…Because I am a Conan fan since I was a young man. Also I had a blast working with Fun com too bring you all those great two Dungeons you all keep telling me. :smile: Thank you and Thank you Funcom.


That’s a splendid idea. I would gladly pay for dungeon DLC:s if the dungeons are of Wine Cellar quality

The Snowhunter! waves Great to see you here!

Well, so far, our sample is small, but positive. Let’s keep it going - the more people vote, the more Funcom might take notice.

Let’s dream a little… there are so many items and creatures in the Conan Exiles lore to flesh out.

  • Frost Giants and their relation to the Giant Kings.
  • Toth Amon’s visit to the Exiled Lands. Maybe he left a hideout behind.
  • Maybe Razma’s enemies have caught with her.
  • The Black Hand Pirates might have found a way to escape the Exiled Lands… or maybe they just opened a door to something that better should not have been disturbed.
  • One of the many, many locked doors in caves might be opened, from the Executioner’s dungeon to the mysterious crocodile cave where you get the keystone fragment.
  • The history of the many ruins in the Exiled Lands might get shown, maybe by traveling into the memory of the place via magic potion. We might even experience a part of the conflict between Lemurians and Giant Kings first hand.

Oh, my dungeon master senses start tingling. There would be so many great stories left to tell. What are your ideas, folks?


Didnt vote…

No option is abit more of a “**** NO!” and not a No with reasons…

DLC have habit of going for standard price 15$ price point, and rarely are worth there value anymore.

Funcom has done fairly well with skin ones… thou I wish they would really do some of the requested ones. And kinda ignore doing a race feature one.

As for Dungeons… if were talking 5$ for wine cellar… maybe? What are rewards? more armor that’ll be nerfed and broken? cosmetic wise? worth my time? 1% drop rates?

Also… there this whole crowd of peeps who will chime in “pay to win” if DLC gear is better then anything given free. -_-’

I’ll pay for new maps and new styles, (cough cough, All race Dancer pack cough cough) Not really interested in paying for dungeons.
Its not hard no, by any means… they could be like Souls Games DLC and just really well done. But From Software kinda has my trust in that department.

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I abstained from voting. Funcom made a promise to make all game content (not reskins) available in the base game (or the associated map). This only encourages them to break that promise.

Interesting aspect. However, if they promised that, didn’t the Isle of Siptah DLC already break that promise? If so, that doesn’t mean one should encourage further violations of one’s word. But if they really offer substantial new content, at least I could understand charging money for that, no matter what was said before.

For context: I say this as a former player of Age of Conan. After that whole debacle, Funcom’s word doesn’t mean thaaat much to me anymore. :wink: Doesn’t mean that they don’t make good games, though, and need money to operate.

I’ve purchased everything else so far and keep wanting more. However you really need to assess the definition of reasonably priced, or what comes with the dlc.

The strength of the game is the open world living. Repeatinf a dungeon for the sake of farming defeats that immersion. So dungeons need to have that natural persistent problem source that draws you there over and over. Just a thought.

No, it doesn’t break that promise. Siptah is a separate map. They never said that new maps would be free. Only that things (dungeons, world bosses, special locations, etc) that are added to a map are going to be free.

I would vote yes, with the condition that I could get my teammates with me. I don’t wanna be the only one to pay for it and have to do it alone…

I would pay for the dlc but not for the dungeon. Dungeons must stay in vanilla game. The thing I dislike most in eso is that you have to pay extra to play the best Dungeons and I hate that.

I would love to see some new dugeons (especially in the Exiled Lands), free or otherwise. I honestly feel that the game could benefit from another 2-3 dungeons.

I would like to see at least 1 more low level dungeon, as lower level players only really have The Dregs, all other dungeons are higher level. Gallamans Tomb could be a suitable candidate; it feels unfinished and is also located in the Newbie River biome. Then another 1-2 high level dungeons for us seasoned veterans would compluament the map nicely. We could always create a dungeon which has The Mummy of the Ring as its end boss.