Suggestion: Conan Exilles DUNGEONS

It was be so awesome if players could design their own dungeons.

Here is how I see this working:

On the side of a mountain or cliff, a player creates an “entrance” --a zone in. Passing that goes to a load screen. Players can then tunnel into the dungeon in any way they wish; makes passages that go left, right, up or down. Steps. Ramps. Rooms.

These dungeons could be equipped with pit traps, spike traps (“Stay out of the light”) or blade traps. Secret doors. Waterways.

Monsters! A designer could place all sorts of monsters in their dungeon. Dragons. Wraiths. Skeletons. Whatever.

And treasure! Chests with valuable loot and weapons or armor, made by players and left as rewards.

Maybe a “rescue the princess” feature. Maybe NPCs that ask riddles that open doors.

Players would advertise their dungeons in forums to encourage others to join their server. They could re-create famous dungeons from stories and legends (Mines of Moria, Tomb of Horrors, King Solomon’s Treasure Vaults.)

I like this idea!

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i think u can do all that, only not on official servers
also belive me if u start making dungeon, u go mad, i also once tried…

maybe voting for comunity made dungeons at forum and add it for test live, but its little bit complicated, author rights for sounds, meshes, texturse etc

Deathtrap Dungeon! My first foray into the wonderful world of the RPG (that’s a book, for you non-ancient folks).

I like this idea, particularly the “zone in” part as it’d probably be entirely non-viable otherwise.


It was Legend of Zagor (aka The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) for me. I know Im going off topic a bit here, but those Fighting Fantasy books were awesome! So under appreciated too. I still have four of them in a memorabilia box, but theyre really starting to show their age.

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Oh yes.
If the devs of Pippi could do danger/instagib properties to their zones…
Someone already mentioned that they want to add objects to build proper dungeons though. I dont know if that was a rumor or if that is true though.

But basically creating a dungeon is easy to do when using Pippi.
Well… Aside of setting everything up of course, but… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thespians allow to that riddle solving to open a door. (Imagine that combined with an instagib zohne which gets triggered on a false answer… :smiling_imp: )

Portals can be made invisible too.

I dont know about secret doors, but if using wallpapers which then show the optics of a wall but actually allow to walk through them… Maybe possible? Never tried to.

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