Single player Dungeons

One thing sorely missing is something that gives variety to the day to day on Conan.
I would like to see special dungeons designed as SP instances. No thrall, just you and a randomly generated dungeon, with randomly generated versions of mini bosses and bosses set for SP health mixed in. The dungeon itself can be static, but have randomly spawned traps, normal enemies. the loot does not have to be insane. Something where when you enter, your thrall un-follows (warning applied before accepting), and you instance into your own, and timed to like 15 minutes. And No exp is given for leveling to avoid exploiting, bodies cannot be harvested, only the mini boss and boss can be looted, and you keep all on death if you die. The loot can be RNG, with chances at all the different items from game, even legendary chests drops. Cool down between going in would be 30 minutes. To avoid camping of exit, at the end you are given a choice to spawn in bed, bed roll, desert, or at the exit of dungeon. This would give people a chance to experience bosses and some Conan-esque moments where you are the hero, and can practice melee against bosses.


Diffintly something I’ve asked for, itlest more basic cave locations.

Thou, I’m also on the ability to place “non-own’d” building pieces and enemies so i can make castle to raid later in SP.

If you own server, you can hand out admin to another account and build stuff for others to raid… just never same. Thou I enjoyed standing in rafters as DM messing with friends. =3

They also could find a a way to separate SP from MP, So health pools could be set better, dungeons could be reset for SP setting, world boss could be toned down, build anywhere could really just that, since you can’t effect anyone building on a location but yourself.

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Respawn points–25-30 NPC, Beasties, Bosses, etc.
Resource respawn area (add more brimstone, etc.)
Loot tables for those spawn points.
Indestructible building tools and respawnable door ways to build true dungeon. Nothing fancy, just something akin to the building peices we have now.

And i would take this as a SP focused DLC for 19.99 US$

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